Friday, November 9, 2012

Food & Beer Friday :: National Stout Day.

In honor of National Stout day yesterday...

I've mentioned that stouts are my absolute favorite.  I'm beyond thrilled that stout season is {almost} officially in tow.  Since you know that one of my all time favorite beers is a milk stout, then you understand why I was immediately drawn when I spotted this at Tasty Beverage.

I picked up this tasty brew amongst three other delicious stout and winter beers I can not wait to feature!  For now, let's focus on the Southern Tier 2X Stout!  Seriously, it's a double milk stout.  I definitely enjoyed this beer.  It's malty but not as creamy at my favorite milk stout.  I tasted the hops, but they were not at all overwhelming.  There was a roasty, almost coffee flavor (it's the roasted malts giving that flavor?).  I think this beer would be amazing if it was pour via a nitro tap.  Would I buy it over my favorite?  No.  I will try it on tap if I ever spot it in the bar.

Food pairings?

Peanut butter M&M's.  And I don't think there are many other food pairings that would be better than this one.  It was absolute perfection.

Have a favorite stout?!


Kayla said...

Candy and beer? Perfection. You still never cease to amaze me with your love of a manly dark beer. Cheers!

Memoirs & Mochas

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

I tried a sip of my husband's milk stout last night and I LOVED it! Needless to say he did not, but refused to give it to me instead. :) I haven't tried the Southern Tier Stout yet, but it sounds amazing! I'll have to stock up on PB M&Ms beforehand too!

Alex Byer said...

Welp, now I know what I'm getting on my way home tonight. As well as Youngs Chocolate. Because that's MAH JAM.

Unknown said...

ha, I love the food pairing!

The Adventurer said...

All I had to do was read the title to know that you were going to be all kinds of pumped in this post. And I'm pumped, too. Who wouldn't be pumped over winter stouts?! Pssh I never want to meet that person. I don't. Because we would probably have nothing to talk about.

Anyway - your season has come, girl. Get ready!


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