Monday, November 5, 2012

Revisited :: Fall bucket list.

While the bottle shops are trying to trick us into believing fall is gone and winter has arrived (wtf is up with that?  And the wreaths in my bottle shop parking lot?  Too soon my friends, too soon), fall is here through Thanksgiving for me!  Oddly enough, I completed everything I can on my fall bucket list already!

1.  Run a 5k or a 10k.

I decided last minute to run the Old Reliable 10k which was part of the Raleigh City of Oaks Marathon & Half Marathon.  I got a coupon code from a friend, and I was sold.  For whatever reason, 10k races can be hard to find.  Since this one was practically in my backyard, it seemed it was meant to be.  It was an awesome race with a cool route.  While I originally thought the 10k was "my distance," it just didn't do it for me.  I crave that feeling, that achievement you get from running a half.  I've definitely got City of Oaks on my brain for next year!

2.  Carve a pumpkin (or two).

I am damn proud of this pumpkin!  I dug up a carving kit I bought at Target last year at the post-Halloween clearance and carved the hell out of this bad boy!  D had no interest in carving (lame), so there was just one this year.

3.  Visit a haunted house.

Just didn't happen.  The timing was off with traveling, and believe it or not all of the houses were a bit of a drive for us.  Next year...

4.  Bake a pumpkin flavored dish.

Well remember this fail?  Still counts.  I plan to delve into another dish that I'm not embarrassed to share at work ;)  Luckily it's only November, so I have time!

5.  Go to the fair.

Of course the fair happened.  Of course I didn't take more pictures.  I'm busy living life I tell ya!

6.  Apple picking.

I just don't think it's going to happen.  All of the "good" orchards are so far away from us, and neither of us have the money (hello Christmas shopping!) to take a weekend trip.  Not to mention D just did not seem to be as "into" the orchard idea as me.

Four out of five/six ain't bad at all!


Britta Marie said...

i hate that the stores/people are alerady changing their holidays!! and because here in costa rica there is no thanksgiving people go straight from halloween to christmas! :(

Kayla said...

The early Christmas stuff is bull. I couldn't even get cheap day after Halloween candy cause it had all been converted into Christmas trees already.

Memoirs & Mochas

Alex Byer said...

You got a ton of stuff done! And I can't handle all of the Christmas stuff out there. I got a holiday cup today at the coffee shop and it's too soon.

Unknown said...

you did a much better job at your list than I did!

PhotoPuddle said...

AW, how cute is that pumpkin? x


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