Sunday, January 6, 2013

12 Months of Giving :: The nitty gritty.

I'm so grateful for the positive response I received about my 2013 commitment to 12 months of giving.  I hope that others are inspired to give back this year.  For me, blogging not only allows me a platform for inspiring others to join in this challenge, but it will also hold me accountable.  I plan to document my participation, and I would love to see how others take on the challenge as well!

In order to make this challenge a bit more organized, here's how it'll go down.

First, sign up, grab a button and inspire others to join the challenge!

You can go here to sign up and receive email reminders and tips for completing each month's challenge!  Nothing like a little email reminder inspiration to get stuff done!

Second, take on the monthly challenge!

Can't join in on a particular challenge for the month?  No worries!  Feel free to switch months around or come up with your own way to give back.  Just give back and enjoy!

Third, blog it and join the link-up to share how you gave back!

I'll be blogging with a link-up on the first Monday of the following month to share the previous month's giving.  Confusing?  For example, the first link-up will go live on February 4 to share how I accomplished my January giving.  

That's it my friends!  I'll be tweeting updates on my monthly tasks with the hashtag #12monthsofgiving  

January's Challenge ::

Be sure to grab a document when you make your donations!  You can write it off on your taxes next year.  

Thank you again to everyone who has given their kind words & support in this challenge.  Let's give back!


Unknown said...

Great idea! I'm definitely in but may change a couple of the month's options to suit me better. Love that you included Kiva :) I'm a supporter! What's this about a document, though? Never heard of it.

It'd be cool if you had some kind of signup sheet. Then you can email us all reminders :) And maybe we could even share stories about what we did that month.



Oliviaaa said...

eeee!!! i'm so excited about this!

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

I just finished cleaning out my closet and the kids. This is a great way to give back on a monthly basis and understand the importance of touching the lives of others.


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