Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Travel Tuesday :: Riviera Maya, Mexico.

This was a second annual pre-Christmas trip to an all-inclusive resort.  Last year we went to the Bahamas (which reminded me that we saw a rainbow there!  We also saw one on this year's trip, but I wasn't able to snap a picture!).  This year we headed south again!

I didn't have my fancy camera since Santa hadn't stopped by before Christmas, but I did what I could.

 [Minus the two beds instead of a king, this room was a million times nicer than our digs in the Bahamas]

 [One of the three pools with a swim-up bar.  The first was the only day we used the swim-up]

 [Someone got to meet Michael Jordan!]

 [I loved these covered walk ways that led you to different parts of the resort.  I snapped this on my way to the gym, which I made it to twice between the drinking & eating #booyah]

 [The one and only picture we got together while in Mexico...and it's self-taken. Lame]

 [Holiday decor in full swing]

 [Champagne delivered to the room while we played some mean rounds of Rummy]

 [View from the private beds on the VIP beach]

Between the eating and drinking, we managed to get a couples massage (D's first massage ever!), spend an hour in the awesome spa, get a room service breakfast, eat some mediocre foods at the "speciality" restaurants,  eat some pretty good breakfasts & a dinner at the VIP restaurant, and read a lot.  As is tradition, one day was mostly cloudy and rainy so that was spent indoors.  This resort was definitely a step-up from the Bahamas.  We're really lucky to have had an overall relaxing and enjoyable trip.  The perfect way to wind down for the holidays (before going home to face the drama of family).  Luckily we took a post-Christmas mini-trip too...


Taylor said...

Those pics look amazing!! I've been to a few places on the west coast of Mexico; sooo gorgeous and tropical!

Charlotte said...

Looks like y'all had a great time! I need to start planning tropical vacations during the winter months...it seems like the sun hardly ever shines this time of year!

Alex Byer said...

I'm crying with jealousy. It's SO COLD here today. Waaaaaah.

Britta Marie said...

massages, spa, room service .. sounds like so much fun! these pictures look great, so glad you had a good time :)

Oliviaaa said...

what a great trip. the view from the VIP beach looked amazing!

Anonymous said...

Seriously. I hate you. This looks like it was amazing!!

bitter betty :*

The Adventurer said...


Thats me being jealous. But also happy for you. Its a lot of feelings, really. I am so glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

THIS IS AWESOME!!! All of our vacations so far have been to the mountains. I'm thinking we need some beach time!

Anna said...

Ahhh, these pictures are making me miss the warm weather so bad! It's so cold up here in PA right now. So jealous!

Leesh said...

I love those beds on the beach, it's so relaxing. I must say that they had some pretty cute holiday decor.

MX is always so beautiful, I can't wait to go back. Hopefully in June for me.


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