Thursday, April 18, 2013

Travel Thursday :: Outer Banks.

Remember back at Easter when D and I headed to the Outer Banks?  We stayed two nights in Kill Devil Hill but spent the remainder of our time on Ocracoke Island.  OBX is a huge tourist spot on the east coast, but Ocracoke is something really special.

To get to Ocracoke, you have to board a ferry (it's free!).  The ferry is about 45 minutes to an hour from Kill Devil and Kitty Hawk.  With the hurricanes that have blown through recently, the ferry time has increased to about an hour and fifteen to get out to the island.  Trust me, it's worth it.

Most people chose bicycles as their mode of transportation around the small island (which is maybe 2-3 miles long and even smaller wide).  Due to my lame injury, we scored the golf cart as our ride around Ocracoke.  While it wasn't as healthy as a bike, I can't deny that it was fun.

The days were a little chilly and windy.  The clouds went in and out.  We didn't time at the beach, but there was no boredom involved here.

Eduardo's is a delicious Mexican food truck on Ocracoke.  While most places close down in the off season on the island, Eduardo's stays open!  I got delicious vegetarian tacos (double-shelled with cheese in between the shells, beans, avo, etc.), and D got a chorizo burrito which had egg in it.  Delicious and well worth a visit!

We spent most of our free time at Zillie's Island Pantry.  This is the perfect addition to the island.  There's plenty of bottled beer and even a draft system.  I kept eying the snacks: meats, cheeses, locally made goodies (think cheese biscuits/crackers), chips, etc.  You can't forget the necessities you may need for staying on an island away from the mainland: wine, wine glasses, liquor mixers, Nutella, olive oils, candles, and more!  We weren't worried about much more than the beer though...

We were able to find one of my favorite beers and paired it with Belgian chocolate-dipped Oreos.  For the remainder of the time, I drank the new Terrapin Tree Hugger beer that they had just tapped.  I don't think that beer will ever get old to me.

D also got to do a free tasting event on our last day at Zillie's.  They do lots of beer and wine tastings, although we didn't get to try another.

We loved starting our mornings off at Ocracoke Coffee Co.  While Monday morning was packed (although likely coinciding with the beginning of spring break), it was well worth the wait.  They have a delicious variety of coffee drinks, smoothies, teas, and foods.  The staff was friendly, nice, and made you feel like they wanted to make you something you would love.

They have an awesome outdoor area which we were able to enjoy both days before the rain came.  

When you miss the first ferry (FYI -- locals get first come, first serve on the ferry.  If there's a lot of them, they load first and leave tourists to catch the next if they're too far back in line), you get to see a gorgeous sunset.

While the below pictures are technically from the beach in Kitty Hawk, NC beaches are my favorite.  I think they're some of the most perfect beaches.  While the water isn't as clear as in the gulf, the waves are amazing.  The water temperature is perfect in the summer (um, I don't think that type of water exists on the west coast and it certainly doesn't in Florida).  My favorite thing to do in the summer, on our day trips to the beach, is to take my big, pink inner tube (because I might still be a little scared of the ocean and going out too deep) and ride the waves.

A little blood orange on the beach with a book.  Perfect end to a mini vacation...


Britta Marie said...

ah i love these pictures! i really miss going to OBX and one day will have to make it to ocracoke!!

Unknown said...

I love your pictures! OMG Eduardo's is the mexican place I've been looking for in Raleigh! LOL What a great way to kick off your whole 30! ;)

Melissa said...

This sounds like a great trip off the beaten path. I haven't been on a beach vacation in a while and certainly not in the off season. I love that you were able to appreciate the local businesses instead of spending every minute at the beach. The beer selection sounds awesome!

And cheese between the double taco shells?! Genius!

Meghan said...

You take the most gorgeous photos! I've never been to NC, but it looks just breathtaking! I imagine a lot of adorable coastal towns, a la "Dawson's Creek" :)

applesandglue said...

Beautiful pictures! And that looks like a gorgeous place to visit, now I wanna go!

Unknown said...

oh dang girl, this whole thing looks so amazing! ALL of it! I love food trucks, beer, the ocean (oh, my first time to the ocean was somewhere off of the outer banks! years ago...).
Looks like fun. :)

Julia said...

Looks so relaxing! : )


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