Friday, February 14, 2014

friday feature v2 :: a drink for your valentine.

As today is Valentine's Day, it only seems appropriate to feature a drink that you could gift your beer-loving significant other.

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If you're not quite feeling wine today, check out Bell's Smitten.  This brew is a golden rye ale, which is comparable to an American pale ale. It's a bit of a hoppy beer but the rye malts help to balance it out.  I like to think of it as a beginner's IPA.  Still working your way up from pilsners?  Try this brew next!  The color is a beautiful amber with just the right amount of hop bitterness to make me want to keep coming back to it.

 photo IMG_3003_zps04c6d19f.jpg

The label of this beer is great.  I really love the hand drawn labels that Bell's has for all of their beers.  One thing I should note is that this beer is unfiltered.  When a beer is filtered, it removes most of the sediment from the liquid.  Since Smitten (and all Bell's beers) is not filtered, you'll see some "stuff" floating around in the beer.  Don't be scared!  The positive result of being unfiltered is a more flavorful beer since the filtering process often strips the brew down a bit.

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Smitten is only 6% alcohol, so you should be able to take down a few of these beer without sending yourself over the edge.  Want to know about the greatest thing?  Bell's did this:

Smitten valentines?!  Sold!  What a wonderful and cute idea.  Since it's too late to get a "beerentine," stop and pick up a six-pack of Smitten to enjoy with your significant other.  It's a great alternative to wine and the perfect appetizer to a V-day dinner.

Do you have a favorite Bell's Beer?
What is your drink of choice for this romantic holiday?


Unknown said...

I love that this beer is called smitten! I love your beerentine ;) Happy Valentines day!

Alex Byer said...

I especially appreciate the packaging on this stuff! Plus it sounds delicious :) Happy Valentine's Day girl!

Unknown said...

So cute! I got the Mr. a Stone Enjoy by 2/14/14 beer! It's cute and I love how Stone does clever Enjoy by dates (We also had the 12/12/12).

Unknown said...

smitten? too cute! I need to get me some of that!

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

This sounds good! My husband might like it, too, which is great (he is generally not an IPA fan at all)!


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