Monday, May 19, 2014

Adventures in packing :: Hiking+exploring for 15 days in Europe.

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Over the past two months, I've been having a lot of anxiety over packing for our upcoming trip to Spain & Portugal.  I mean I've done this before, so it should be no problem, right?  Wrong.  Even though this trip is shorter, it will be very different.  We're beginning our trip by hiking the first leg of Camino de Santiago trail.  Hiking means completely different clothing than I would wear for trekking around cities.  I was racking my mind every night with what I should pack, what I might need to buy, what will I carry it all in, etc.  Finally I eased my anxiety by {poorly} sketching out a packing list.

Tips for making a packing list:
  • Establish a palette/theme :: I'm a neutral girl all the way, so I have lots white, gray, and black.  I would suggest picking one general color palette and ensure that your pieces mix-and-match.
  • Realistically determine what physical activity you'll accomplish :: Traveling is tough because it takes me away from my normal exercise routines.  I'm always tempted to take my running shoes, but unless I'm at a resort I know I won't be running.  There's something scary about running unknown streets, so I shouldn't kid myself.  Take the running shoes, yoga mat, sports bra, only if you know you'll use it.
  • Be aware of any "dress codes" :: Many countries won't allow you to enter churches or cathedrals if you aren't wearing sleeves.  Make notes of dress codes such as this or simply carry a long sleeve shirt with you.
  • Layers, layers, layers :: I'm pretty fickle when it comes to temperature.  D likes to say that there's about a 10 degree range that works for me; anything outside "the range" leaves me freezing or scorching.  Remedy? Layers. Button-downs atop short sleeves atop tanks as necessary.

When planning out my packing list, I tried to be frugal but give myself enough options.  I packed minimally for the hiking portion of our trip (it is only four days of the trip) knowing that I'll have to reuse at least one bottom and top.  I gambled that it would be ok because I likely would't wear those clothes again throughout our trip.  As for the city-wear, I could make so many outfits out of these pieces.  As a chronic outfit planner (down to each and every piece), it makes me a little anxious but also gives me freedom!  I know I'll need that freedom since I won't be able to predict the weather.  To break it down:

  • Shirts :: 
    • 4 tees (three neutral colored+one bright)
    • 3 tanks (again, two neutral+one bright
    • 2 blouses (chambray+white
    • 1 thicker long sleeve (can be used hiking and in the city
    • 1 camisole
    • Added last minute: 3 sweat-wicking, activewear shirts for the hike
  • Bottoms :: 
    • 3 shorts (two neutral+one bright
    • 1 skirt (I'm actually taking two skirts & two shorts
    • 2 pants (one hiking+one yoga)
    • 1 pair of jeans
  • Dresses ::
    • 2 dresses (can be dressed as skirts or used for nice dinner occasions)
  • Outerwear ::
    • 1 rain jacket
    • 1 light casual jacket (to be worn on the plane)
  • Shoes ::
    • 1 hiking boot
    • 1 active sandal
    • 1 casual walking shoe
    • 1 cute sandal

I truly packed everything, plus more, that I mentioned.  When I was packing I was a bit worried that I packed too much.  It's possible you could scale it back.  The weather is predicting low 70s, and I'm cold-natured.  I wanted to ensure that I had plenty of layers if it is chilly.

For accessories, go simple and light!  All of mine will fit in the front pocket of my backpack.  Aside from the basic underwear & bras (sports bras included if you're hiking), you want pieces that will change the the look of your outfit so you can mix and match items.  A few components to add:
  • A hat and/or headscarf (which doesn't take up much room at all!)
  • 1-2 necklaces
  • 1-2 swimsuits
  • 2-3 scarves
  • 1 thick belt, 1 thin belt

While I'm only taking one swimsuit, I'm planning to take 7 pairs of underwear & 2 sports bras (to alternate for the hike).  I'm actually taking 3 scarves, but I'm planning to wear the biggest, an infinity scarf for warmth, on the plane.  I'm throwing my necklaces in my toiletry bag, so they aren't pictured either.  The belts are necessities, but I just forgot to picture them.

The only items that won't be included in my backpack are my airport outfit.

Aside from this outfit, I'm fitting everything into a backpack.  There's a method to the madness, so check out how to fit all of this (which includes a smaller backpack with hydration bladder) into a backpack and a purse.  


Alex Byer said...

GIRL. You're a packing extraordinaire. I'm amazed. I'm going to take some of your advice and try not to overpack for my upcoming trip to Maine!

Katie @ Live Half Full said...

Great tips! I especially agree on the running shoes and color palate! Mixing and matching was clutch on my trip to Europe and the only thing I regret planning were my running shoes, since I never used them!

Britt said...

Wow! Awesome packing skills! And I'm impressed that you'll fit it all into a backpack :)

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