Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall capsule round-up + life.

 [1.6 outfit :: Denim on denim, but I actually didn't love this scarf paired with it.  It didn't leave me feeling very "fall" inspired]

 [1.7 outfit :: The warm weather is so hard to dress for (with only one pair of shorts and a long skirt).]

 [1.8 outfit :: This white pull-over is one of my favorites.  Plus I'm getting a million compliments on all my jewelry.]

 [1.9 outfit :: I actually hated this outfit.  This shirt was too short with these ponte pants, but I had nothing else clean and had worn all my other pants that week.]

 [1.10 outfit :: This shirt.  Love.  The material is thick and the style is perfection.]

[1.11 outfit :: These shoes.  Perfection.  Also, I switched to gray skinnies as the night progressed because it got cold at the beach.]

[1.12 outfit :: This is literally the first time I've ever worn closed-toe shoes with a maxi.  And it was ok!]

[1.13 outfit :: I wish I could find these joggers again because I would get so many more pairs.  They fit so well!  I randomly snagged the only pair on clearance at Gap.  I'm scared to style more than a tee and sneakers with them though.]

[1.14 outfit :: This maroon is my favorite.]

[1.15 outfit]

[1.16 outfit :: First time breaking out the tall boots.  As nice as Frye boots are, they have zero support in the soles. Note to self: add inserts!]

All pieces can be found on my original fall capsule post.  I'm definitely enjoying having a minimal closet.  I'm learning that there is certainly no need to have an obscene amount of clothes in my closet.  It makes life so much easier to have less.  That said, I do miss buying new pieces.  There are a few things I want now, but I know they won't be practical for my winter capsule.  I am getting a bit bored and concerned with the pieces I have.  The weather is getting really chilly in the evenings at school, so I'm considered switching out a bottom or two (ie. the maxi skirt doesn't feel practical going all the way through December).

On another note, I've signed up for my next half marathon in February and will be running with my bestie (her first half!).  I'm also in the process of following a 30 day elimination using the Autoimmune Protocol Paleo diet.  The first week has been extremely challenging, but better than the Whole 30 in some ways.  So no alcohol or coffee.  I'm scared to see how this month goes...


Jo said...

It is hard to dress for this time of the year in NC. I feel ya.
Good luck on the diet situation. I just started trying to eat for my blood type today and I, too, am scared to see how this is going to go. I don't even want to talk about it out loud yet! So, if you need to vent about diet restrictions, feel free to email me. :)

Unknown said...

I've been enjoying the fall transition- my favorite idea was to pair booties with a maxi and a cardigan or chambray. It feels like I'm cheating stretching my wardrobe!

Also can't wait to hear about this diet and the half marathon!

Britt said...

Thanks for the update!
I am looking forward to capsuling next year, and this is giving me a lot of great ideas!
Also, I love the tall boots! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I think your blog is great, which is why I've nominated you for the Liebster award:


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