Monday, January 12, 2015

The word.

I have desperately wanted to take time to resurrect this space with the entrance of 2015.  Something, or lack thereof, has been holding me back.  It's not a lack of time; I have plenty of extra that I choose to fill with reading and exercising and sometimes Candy Crush.  There is much in my life that I could bore you with: painting our bedroom, getting a house ready to sell, running another half marathon, yoga challenges, and so forth.  Nonetheless, there is still something holding me back.  I believe I'm missing a little inspiration.

The welcoming of a new year always ignites a spark within me.  It is cliche, but I find no fault in embracing a fresh start.  This time around I didn't think too hard about resolutions.  I'm pretty content with my health and exercise routines.  There wasn't really one single thing I was drawn toward fixing or changing.  I have been thinking about my overarching theme of this year for half of 2014.  I'm turning 30.  For me, it simply feels like a milestone, but a big one.  It will mark the decade of so many new decisions and changes.  For this reason, I want to make 2015/the year of 30 awesome.  Instead of a single resolution, I'm choosing a word.  

After much thought (and a little extra time as it is now the second week in January), I think discipline is exactly what I want to focus on this year.  While I'm so happy with most things in my life, I definitely have a few areas I want to refine and improve.  It takes discipline and dedication to truly make a change.  If I want to keep this space alive, I need discipline and direction.  With that, I say bring it 2015!


Unknown said...

Nice to read ya! I like this idea of a word. I need discipline. I will try to think of my own and not steal your genius ;-)

Alex Byer said...

Yes yes yes SO PERFECT! You totally got this girl. I have faith!

Unknown said...

I was feeling the same way as you in December, but man the new year has me feeling refreshed! Hope to hear more from you soon!

Unknown said...

I love this. The whole concept is genius. bring it 2015 indeed!!

Jo said...

Good to hear from you. I've been thinking about you lately. Wondering how it's going and if you went back to your diet.
I like the idea of having a word for the year. I think mine should be "intention".

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