Friday, January 16, 2015

Weekly presence v.1

In an effort to be more present in my life and utilize this space for documentation and sharing, this is a weekly series to display happenings and special moments in my life.

I have been having the best long runs recently.  I'm currently training for the Mercedes Half Marathon in Birmingham.  It will be my friend Kate's first half, and I'm running it with her.  I have a greenway a mile from my house, and it is my favorite place to run.  The greenway has actually been an anchor for me in the internal battle of whether or not to sell our house.  I suspect I won't be so lucky to have amazing access to a secluded and peaceful greenway in our next home.  As for the runs, I've been fast and feeling strong.  I've been especially grateful for this body of mine that carries me miles and allows me to participate in this activity that fulfills me in so many ways.

The battle for minimalism continues.  This weekend I'm taking on the guest bedroom, and I'm scared to think of how many hours I may spend distributing items into trash and donate bags.  I have a million mixed feelings on selling our home and buying another; my anxiety flares even as I simply type this.  Nonetheless, I am interested to discover whice path 2015 will take us.

I'm becoming more content with my odd work schedule.  I love spending post-gym mornings at Sola Coffee Cafe.  If I ever started my own coffee shop, Sola would be my muse.  They have amazing drinks (yay for almond milk!), yummy treats, and delectable breakfast and lunch options.  Sola supports local businesses and has the best decorations.  If they weren't located in North Raleigh, I would love to live within walking distance so I could visit on the weekends.  

Since my life isn't always interesting, here's a few links that inspired me this week:

I adore this post from Megan about being healthy and strong in 2015.  I'll likely revisit this topic, but her goals mirror mine almost to a tee.

I took the strengths test that Erika talked about, and I discovered so much about myself!  I still need to brainstorm some ideas for how to utilize my strengths.

Thank goodness I'm not the only one who would prefer to have cleaning on the very bottom of my to-do list.  Mary Catherine summed up my clean home conundrum perfectly!


JP Lord said...

It's too bad Sola is closed on Sundays! I can't wait to hear more about the selling of the house, and of course see your face in person.

Kimberly Montgomery said...

I've been loving your 2015 posts. :) I haven't been to a "real" coffee shop in a long while. I think I will have to check out SOLO. Looking forward to hearing more steps of your 2015 journey.

Kimberly Montgomery said...

Oops.... I meant Sola. :)

Katie Adams said...

Love these little glimpses into your life! I've been feeling the urge for minimalism lately too. I've been really focused on buying a small amount of higher quality stuff when it comes to pretty much everything-clothes, beauty products, food, alcohol. It also applies to my time!

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