Sunday, September 27, 2009


I have an obsession with all things clothes, shoes, fashion, and trends.  Although I don't believe by any means am I the trendiest, most fashionable.  Athens, being the college town that it is, is certainly not the best place for fashion.  With fall quickly sneaking up, I wanted to do an installment of a few of my fall craving trends. 

One of my favorite online shoping sites is shopbop, and I adore their "mini-boutiques" dedicated to individual styles.  I would characterize my style as casual chic.  Due to my job, I really don't have to dress up fancy in pencil skirts and suits daily.  There is an overall laid-back style in the whole atmosphere of social work jobs, in my opinion.  It's rare in my office for anyone to be wearing heels.  Back to the point, I like relaxed yet chic looks.  Unfortunately for me, my minimal social work salary doesn't support my fashion addiction, and it rarely provides the means to purchase from shopbop.  Nonetheless, I obsess over a few items and hope they don't get sold out before they go one sale.  So...on to the real point: my cravings:

Bop Basics Cashmere Sweater with Oversized Cowl Neck $264;  For the record, I'd like to note my opinion that I think $264 is actually reasonable for cashmere.  I mean, J Crew sells their cashmere for half this for a smaller amount of sweater.  Nonetheless, still unaffordable for me.  I love it would be perfect with skinny jeans and some fab boots or cute heels.  I LOVE the off the shoulder aspect.  On the lookout for something similar and cheaper.

Twenty8Twelve, Theo Top $155;  I know this is the same color as the previous sweater.  My reasoning is that I am trying to move away from blacks.  The shirt also comes in what looks to be a dark charcoal grey, but I opted for the lighter.  I am in love with the zipper on this top.  Zippers are a current trend but this one is subtle.  I think this would be a top I could/would wear on a regular basis.  I like how they have it paired with some boyfriend/distressed jeans.  I'd love it with similar jeans and some short boots.

I'm not going to lie, piperlime is uping their game.  Unfortunately, the clothing selection they have added is also out of my price range for the most part.  I am loving the outfits they are putting together.  I am dying for a really cute boho top.  Here's a few that can be found at piperlime:

Joie, Joel $248

Corey Lynn Calter, Natalia $152

Tucker, The Blouse $264;  I actually hate this print but I am dying for this shirt in another print.  Tucker has a variety of prints depending on the season.  Love this top.

To end my cravings (because there are sooooo many), I want some cute booties for the season.  I have been weary of the booties prior, but I think I can rock them.  More from piperlime:

Marc by Marc Jacobs, 694932 $485; Never in my life could I afford these, but I LOVE them.  I like the slight ruffle touch.  Ideally I'm looking for black anyhow.  I just couldn't resist featuring these!

Enzo Angiolini, Rachey $120;  More in my price range and pretty simple for a bootie.  I'd like to move away from the suede though for a bootie.

Lovely People, Piper $140; I actually love these.  The heel is totally wearable for work (which is often a problem for me...4 inch heels don't fare well at the office all day).  I love the ruffles.  I may consider them in brown if they have my size when they go on sale.

Dollhouse, Kim $70; WAY more in my price range.  Wish I could afford these now because I'd buy them.  The heel is a bit higher than I'd prefer, but I'd rock them.

Alright!  Enough cravings that I can't buy or even afford for now.  A girl can dream though ;) 

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