Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Monday...

The weekends go by way too quickly especially with football season back in swing.  Not the most exciting weekend.  Friday I FINALLY got a break to just relax, make dinner, and watch some TV.  D and I progressed through the third season of Lost this weekend.  We also started the Bourne movies again.  Neither of us have seen the last one and I couldn't even begin to remember what the first one was about.  I have to say, it was entertaining.  Saturday was the first official football day.  We tailgated with parents of some friends that used to live here but have relocated to Florida.  D and I agreed, it wasn't the same without them.  I wasn't feeling the best throughout the day or the game...(D blames it on the sketchy blueberries I insisted on having in my pancakes).  I think that Athens was lacking the crowd it usually brings in for game days.  That's speculation though.

In other uninteresting news, I'm proud of myself for eating a salad for lunch today.  Let me note, this salad has been sitting in the refrigerator at work since last Thursday (although I promise it was still good!).  After a stressful week last week, I couldn't bring myself to eat it.  I normally hate salads.  There is just something about plain lettuce and just a dressing.  It doesn't make it that much better.  I'm working on getting more vegetables in me though.  I am having a salad and cantaloupe.  Speaking of eating, I've been reading The Ethics of What We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter.
I began reading this because I wanted to better educate myself on my food choices and where my food comes from.  For the longest time, I just went on ignorance.  They say ignorance is bliss, right?  Well ignorance just makes you stupid.  I don't want to be uneducated and stupid.  I'm only in the second part of the book now, so I can't give a full recommendation.  One thing that I found appealing when I was searching for books was that blurbs stated that the authors understand that not everyone can or would want to become vegetarian.  My understanding is that they gives tips on how to make better, more ethical, food choices.  I can't state officially what their recommendations are like since I haven't read that far.  I've read about the farming and raising of cows, pigs, and chickens.  I have to say that one thing I was particularly struck by was how smart all of these animals are.  Cows have the ability to make friends and even hold grudges towards other cows for years.  Pigs and chickens are similar.  I'm trying to shift my efforts to start eating less meat in general and picking the right meat when I do eat it.  I think the most difficult thing will be the money it costs to start making the shift.  Vegetarianism isn't really something I am interested in though.  I know there is no way I could ever get D to be a vegetarian, and who am I kidding?  I can't live without bacon for our regular breakfasts on the weekends :)  I'll keep updated on the progress and final thoughts on the book.
I'm still trying to figure out how to make my blog more exciting.  Since I can't get on blogger from my personal laptop, it makes it difficult to be able to post pictures.  I'm still brainstorming that idea.  I have some exciting stuff coming up at the end of September so I will try and stay up to date with life changes!  I am going away for a work conference in Augusta Wed-Friday.  I'm sort of dreading it now.  I just feel like I have so much to do here.  Then I'm off to Florida on Friday afternoon for T's bachelorette weekend.  I'll try and post pictures.  
Ps. I'm SUPER EXCITED about Gossip Girl premiere tonight!  And lost 12 pounds since my last annual checkup :)

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