Friday, September 25, 2009

The ongoing battle

So I wanted to do a quick blog about weight.  I got inspired by the ex hotgirl to blog more about the battle.  I've been struggling to get down to a size that I am happier with for what...the past 2 years?  I mentioned before that I had lost 12 pound since about a year ago.  This is a great success, but realistically...1 pound per month?  Pathetic.  I can do better than that!  My motivation now comes from the fact that I want to look awesome in our elopement pictures and fit into a smaller dress!  And hello, I also want to have a better beach body for the trip itself.  After weighing myself this morning, I am back down to my pre-Europe weight (which luckily I only gained 3 pounds while in Europe).  I hope to be down another 10 pounds at least by March 2010.  I started training (again) for another 5k that I hope to do in December.  I'm going to make efforts to post at least weekly about the weight loss/journey to healthiness.  One day I'll get down to my goal weight.  I figure that once I get there, then it'll be more about maintaining.  I can maintain as long as I keep up with somewhat regular working out.  So...the journey begins again (bc it dissipated after/during Europe) to make working out and eating healthy a part of my lifestyle.

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