Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Doin' it, doin' it, an doin' it wellllll.

I'm feeling much better today!  One of the things on my 101 in 1001 list is to run another 5k.  Whilst one of my few times at the gym in the last couple of weeks (although I did surpass my goal of going 2 times last week and went 3!  baby steps...), I saw a sign for the Monster Dash.

[The flyer in the gym is WAY cuter...this is all I could find]

It's a 5k and 1 mile fun run at Cameron Village in Raleigh.  It takes place on Halloween.  Now D and I have gone all out on Halloween the past couple of years.  D is going to be in Virgina this year on some serious beer business this year (read: touring for a Terrapin/Left Hand beer collaboration=drinking and eating a lot all week).  I was going to join him, but with the recent move and all my school work piling up, it's not going to work out.  So one of my new friends in Raleigh said she would join me for the 5k portion of the Monster Dash!

I am so looking forward to it!  You get to dress up and run!  Now typically, since I am not the best runner, I run two miles at the gym.  Running the track or treadmill there can get monotonous, so I stick with the two-er.  Today I braved the outside and ran a full 5k near my house!  Talk about a runners high (if you mean panting and beet red faced)!  In all seriousness, I felt accomplished and more excited about the 5k on Halloween.  Now, the time is another issue...let's just hope I am not coming in last in the race. 


Claire {Beaktweets} said...

good for you! i always feel such accomplishment when i push myself a little farther than normal.

Kaleena J. said...

Salt Lake has something somewhat similar... it's a Zombie run!! WOOO! Sorry, I love zombies and they make me want to cheer.

Oh and good job on the 5k!!

sian said...

good luck!! i actually think my body would go into shock if i tried to run 5k- so unfit. but its very admirable :) that ronald mcdonald is creepy though xx

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Oh wow! Good luck with that! What an accomplishment that would be. I know you can do it. =)

Unknown said...

Good luck!

Valerie said...

That sounds like a really fun run! Good for you for motivating to do it. Good luck!

justagirlLaura said...

Ooo, good luck! I'm sure all your adrenaline will start pumping and you'll surprise yourself. =)


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