Friday, November 12, 2010

Living without cable is kind of nice.

It's amazing that I really don't mind not having TV.  I sort of thought it would be the death of me.  I can watch all my "important" shows (read: Gossip Girl, Modern Family, and any NBC Thursday night show) on Hulu.  I told D the only thing I really miss is (brace yourselves) Real Housewives.  I can't find all the eps on Bravo and really miss the catty reunions!  I do get annoyed having to wait an entire week for Gossip Girl to be posted online.  Nonetheless, we have Netflix and can watch so many shows/movies instantly.  One of my new favorite shows is BBC's Skins.

I'm sort of obsessed.  (Anyone watch it?!)  It's kind of a teen drama except since it's BBC, they show a lot more drug use, sex, boobs, and cuss a lot.  It is fabulous.  To my knowledge there are only three seasons though, and the characters from the first two seasons leave after the second season.  I'll need to fins a new show once I finish Skins in probably a week.

I haven't just been watching trashy teen drama though!  I told you I was reading like a maniac.  Last updated I was reading Life of Pi.  I already finished that shit!  I have to say though, I wasn't super impressed.  Maybe others built it up for me.  Don't get me wrong.  I definitely wanted to keep reading and not put the book down.  The end just didn't wow me.  It's definitely worth a read though!  Since Life of Pi, I've moved on to American Psycho.

I'm not sure what I expected, but this book is weird.  It's posing to be a hard read for me for a couple of reasons.  There are a LOT of filler information.  The narrator feels the need to tell you every single designer brand of every single article of clothing, shoes, jewelery, etc. on each character in each scene.  There was literally a whole chapter on the band Genesis.  I'm still confused about what this had to do with anything.  The book also has a lot of pages with small print and lots of words.  I'm not flying through it as I thought I would.  There are also some very graphic sex scenes.  I don't necessarily have a problem with the sex scenes, but they were totally unexpected for me.  Gossip Girl totally referenced the book last  I'll let you know how I feel after I'm done reading.

Also, apparently there is an American Psycho movie.  Not sure how I missed this, but Christian Bale is the main character.  If that picture doesn't freak you out a bit, you are dead to the world.  I don't necessarily picture the narrator/psycho as Christian (maybe I can only have him as Batman), but this picture freaks me the fuck out.  Next on my list is Brave New World and Ham on Rye.


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

The only thing I'm really super addicted to right now is Vampire Diaries. I was planning on unsubscribing to cable because I am always out of the house and hardly ever watch tv and besides I can always watch Vampire Diaries from online

Claire {Beaktweets} said...

i've never heard of that show! i would recommend friday night lights next. most of the seasons are on instant queue netflix. not sure if its up your alley, but i was very pleasantly surprised!

@emllewellyn said...

Watch "Slings & Arrows"!!!!! It's a Canadian show about a Shakespeare Festival. BRILL. IANT. Only three seasons, six episodes each, possibly some of the most phenomenal writing and acting I've ever seen ever. Ever.

Also, I haven't even seen all of American Psycho but it is freaky. But I do recommend looking up the clip of Patrick listening to "Hip to be Square" on youtube, featuring Jared Leto (who quickly meets his demise). Ironic and great, till the axe gets whipped out...

jne said...

American Psycho is one of my favorite books/movies. It's a look into the social anonymity sought after, and then resented when found. The book is easy to get bogged down in with all the extra details, but you have to look at it like a comment on Patrick's social status. He is just obsessed with people having better things than he does.

I could probably write a thesis on the social implications of American Psycho. Although I think this is one of the more difficult Bret Easton Ellis reads, IMO.


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