Sunday, January 2, 2011

101 in 1001 :: Another review.

I took another look at my 101 in 1001 list.  I seriously feel like this is so much better than the bucket list I started a while back (although I still want to update my bucket list for those big ticket items).  I mean it could be years before I marked something off on the bucket list.  With the 101 in 1001, I get to mark things off almost monthly.  I'm confident that once we get to really mark off the buying a house notch, many other things will come.  Buying a house is such a huge immediate cost (down payments, closing, inspections, appraisals, moving, etc.) that I'll be more than happy to have it all done with come Feb (fingers crossed).  In order to not make resolutions and start 2011 out on the right foot (by focusing on my little goals), let me review my list!

**PURPLE = completed**

Start date:  September 1, 2010
End date:  May 30, 2013


1. Buy a house
     -In progress as of September/October 2010
2. Buy something from Etsy
3. Get another tattoo
[Better/healed picture should be to come 12/21/2010]
4. Buy a new piece of jewelry that I’ll wear for years
5. See Kathy Griffin live
6. Get a new pair of glasses
7. Buy one full-priced piece from Anthropologie
8. Meet up with KD in a city and see Lady Gaga again
9. Buy a pair of TOMS
10. Spend a day eating/shopping/reading alone in public
11. Buy a bicycle
12. Get a couples massage
13. Buy a new piece of furniture
14. Buy my dad tickets to see Jimmy Buffett
15. Treat D to a fancy dinner anywhere on me
16. Have a spa day
17. Buy a fabulous pair of jeans in a smaller size (once I get there)
18. Get a bikini wax
19. Buy a blazer
[AND it was thrifted! 10/2010]


20. Make a special anniversary gift for the hubby
21. Put together an awesome thrifted outfit
22. Grow something edible
23. Finish a puzzle
[Oh yes.  Charlie Brown.  It was a toughie.  12/2010.  Bring on the Vincent Van Gogh puzzle D got me for xmas.]
24. Finish writing another 101 list at the end of the 1001 days
25. Make a sewing box
26. Make a photobook of wedding pictures
27. Start a list of places I want to see/travel
28. Make a photobook of Europe trip
29. Start a compost pile
30. Make homemade sangria
31. Bake bread
32. Make a homemade pesto or hummus

33. Send flowers to someone
34. Sponsor a child at Christmas
35. Donate blood
36. Eliminate all clothes that I haven’t worn since moving to Raleigh and donate them
37. Donate to Locks of Love
38. Volunteer somewhere
39. Buy someone a "Just Because" gift
40.  Give a loan on Kiva
41. Buy a lesson or class for someone
42. Donate all my old glasses
43. Donate at least 10 items from Raleigh Rescues Urgent Needs List (0/10)


44. Don't eat fast food for a month
45. Put away $25 for every goal completed
46. Take a sign language class
47. Have bi-weekly date nights with the hubby without cell phones (0/64)
     -Not completely happening.  We're working on it though!
48. Run another 5K  (10/31/2010)
49. Pay off my credit cards
     -Only about 5 more months!!
50. Get to my goal weight and maintain
51. Put something in savings every single month (0/32)
     -Definitely!  D and I have been saving like crazy.  I'll continue even if it's $10.
52. Start a 401K
53. Have sex in 20 new places (0/20)
54. Back up all pictures and documents on my laptop
55. Call my grandma at least once per month (0/32)
     -Definitely in progress and my grandma loves it :)
56. Make at least one new recipe per month (0/32)
57. Create a budget and stick to it
58. Go to the dentist regularly (every 6 months)
59. Play with the dogs outside at least once per month (4/32)
60. Purchase a piece of art for our home
61. Invite a new friend out for coffee/shopping/a meal (9/2010)
62. Purchase new bed sheets and comforter for our room


63. Ride in a hot air balloon
64. Visit NYC with KD & CAP in Winter 2011
65. Buy last minute airline tickets for a getaway
66. Eat at a renowned restaurant
67. Visit 3 of the 1000 Places to go Before You Die (0/3)
68. See a play on Broadway
69. Go to Spain/Greece
70. Visit KayD in Boston
71. Visit KD in Birmingham
72. Take a road trip
73. Visit my M-A kids who got adopted
74. Do an extreme activity in another country
75. Go to a winery tour
76. Go to a museum I've never been to before
77.  See a concert in another country
78. Go on 30 of the “60 hikes within 60 miles: Raleigh”  (0/30)
79. Eat 3 things I've never tried before
80. Visit 3 states I’ve never been before (0/3)
81. Bike the Greenway – past the sketchy areas
82. Eat at 10 new restaurants in Raleigh (1/10)
     -One that I can think of (12/2010), probably more


83. Identify 101 things that make me happy
84. Read at least 25 books from the 101 Books to Read Before You Die list  (10/25)
     -Ten out of the 25 as of 12/2010I've updated on most of them.
85. Bake a new dessert from scratch
86. Join a club
87. Watch all IMDB's Top 250 Movies
     -I've definitely got some time and work to do here.  69 movies watched as of 12/2010
88. Make a meal entirely from food bought at the farmers market
89. Convince D to participate in a race with me
90. Learn to make a new mixed drink
91. Sleep in the nude
92. Try 25 new sex positions (0/25)
93. Go skinny dipping
94. Send a postcard to PostSecret
95. Play kickball on a team
96. Wear heels 2x per month (0/64)
     -I think I've been accomplishing this on!
97. Be a vegan for a week
98. Go skiing
99. Go bowling
100. Stop watching TV for one week at home
     -Technically I've completed this one but if we include Netflix and online shows, nope.
101. Donate $5 to charity for each goal I don't finish

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