Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy first 2011 hump day.

Does that title quite make sense?  It's the first hump day of 2011 and from the looks of today, it's going to be one looooooong year.  Here's to hoping it's a good long year though!  D started off his day rough...leaving the GPS, his phone charger, and wallet in my car.  This meant he had to drive an hour, round trip, out of the way to my car before making the trek to Athens.  Now that's pretty frustrating.  I've had an exhausting day.  It seemed like one thing after another went wrong!  But hey, I'm only 5 days into the new year.  I can't start being negative already!

[As exhausted as I am...I've got some things to look forward to this evening! Via weheartit]
We're still holding strong on No-Meat January (although I'm considering being bad and getting a couple bean burritos from Taco Bell after today).  D got a kettle with a gift card he got for Christmas.  We've been using that thing like crazy!  It's been wonderful for the coffee press I got him for Christmas.  He started boiling water in it for some green tea at night after dinner.  I've never been much of a tea fan (unless it's southern style sweet tea).  The first night he tried it, I wasn't down and didn't even try a sip.  Last night, I tried it and was in heaven!  

We drink the Lipton tea pictured above (mainly because it's been sitting in our cabinet for years), but it is delicious!  I'm already planning to make myself some tonight!  We all know the health benefits of tea, especially green tea.  He using just a tad bit of Sweet N Low to sweeten it, but I'm open to other options.  I'm not a huge Sweet N Low fan, but honey just doesn't make it sweet enough for me.  I found that it was perfect for after dinner because it makes you feel more full (less likely to snack the night away on sweets) and hits that sweet tooth.  I may just become a tea drinker after all...

 [more weheartit]

What are your favorite teas?


Claire {Beaktweets} said...

cute tea pictures :) i always opt for coffee when given the choice, but do enjoy tea every once in a while.

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Happy first hump day to you too! The tea looks very good.

this free bird said...

Here's my mantra: it's almost Friday, it's almost Friday, it's almost Friday. Worked until the cat jumped onto a bookshelf and smashed an antique Chinese Vase I saved 3 years for.

Positive thoughts. oy


jne said...

My new favorite tea is Ginger Pear from Trader Joe's...but I like the orange spice from Lipton as well. Moving to the frosty north turned me into a huge hot tea drinker...


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