Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ta da!

Now this is why BlogPress is wonderful and I finally broke down and bought it...awful day today and I don't want to touch or look at my computer. Yet now I can still update you on THE HAIRCUT! Ah! It's about time!

Now please don't judge a few things: 1) my paleness, 2) my ridiculously poor ability to take self photos on my phone, and 3) everything else awful about these pics. I took them just to show you all the massive difference!


Ewwww! I cringe at everything about this picture!!

And after:

Terrible pic but you get the jist...brighter and shorter!

It makes me feel and look like a happier, new person! I really didn't want it as short as it is, but I agree that it probably needed all that gone to eliminate dead ends. Y'all! Talk about embarrassed walking into the salon with that mess! I promise I typically take much better care of my hair.

Now it was REAL hard trying to even figure out where to start at a salon in Raleigh. I debated a salon in Durham or Chapel Hill, but ultimately went with a Raleigh salon for convenience and necessity to get the shit chopped off! I wouldn't go was good but it just wasn't "my" salon and stylist. The stylist also ripped an earring out of my ear...awkward. No bleeding involved, but we were frantically looking for an earring on the floor. After that, there was no question that I'll be hitting up my old Athens stylist this summer for a touch-up and trim.

Nonetheless, I hope my renewed view of myself boosts me a little for the new few months. Goodness knows I'm going to need it...I can't handle many more work days like today.

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Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

um you look beautiful, seriously- love the cut and I so hope it boosts you too@

Claire {Beaktweets} said...

SOOOO cute. i love it. perfect for spring :)

justagirlLaura said...

I LOVE it!! It looks so, so great! But I totally gasped out loud with the whole earring thing. Jeepers!

D&D said...


Jessica said...

Your hair looks so great! I've been trying and trying to grow mine out...I think it's growing slow on purpose to despise me :)


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