Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Toast to celebrations.

On February 4, this little baby officially became ours.

Now I can really get going on all those design/decor/renovation ideas (who am I kidding...I'll be lucky if anything new is done in 2 years time).  What a load of stress off our shoulders.  I will say that it really didn't make me feel any more grown up to be a "homeowner" and actually stressed me a tad more now that our savings has been cleaned out. 

Nonetheless, we celebrated with a night of beer and food in downtown Raleigh (which we can officially call our home). 

[A little Wake N Bake to celebrate...yes please!]

 [Oh yeah...he has good reason to be excited]

 [It may not seem like a lot...but this beer will go very far...]
[Four year vertical tasting...years 06-10 of our fav beer]

So we did the vertical tasting.  It was unanimous that 2007 was the best.  It also got D and I reminiscing on our years together and figuring out what our best/favorite year was.  It ended up being a nice night, and I felt just fine the next morning :) Score 1 for us in February!


Claire {Beaktweets} said...

i missed this somehow! sooooo happy for you guys. congrats!!

Becca Moss said...

Congratulations on buying your house! I realize I'm super late to commenting but I just found your blog and my husband and I just bought our house back in July '12 so it's still new and fabulous to us! (:


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