Thursday, May 5, 2011

Closet craving :: Running Necessities

I mentioned about a month ago that I need new running shoes.  Since I started the Couch to 10k program last week, I've really been noticing my dire need for new shoes.  Unfortunately, the budget does not allow for new shoes now.  I have an ongoing list of running necessities I need to have in order to be truly ready for my first half in November.  Thanks to a hefty college tuition bill I have to pay this month, none of these will be even close to happening until June or July (cringe inside).


[via weheartit]

Not that kind of doctor though.  About two years ago, I started having some breathing problems.  I went to the doctor and was told I had bronchitis.  While the bronchitis and coughing eventually cleared up, the breathing problems did not.  Since moving to Raleigh, I've been to the doctor twice.  She switched me to a steroid inhaler after I was practically using the other inhaler daily.  It appears that my breathing problems happen solely at home (in my own home) and when working out/running.  The problems vary in intensity depending on the day.  Some days it's not too bad when I run, other days it is very difficult to breath.  I end up being short of breath and it's very hard to breath in.  It's definitely affecting my running.  I know I need to go back and re-evaluate since the steroid inhaler is not working.  With a doctor co-pay at $30 (and she mentioned x-rays last time, no thank you) and a possible prescription, I don't have that to dish out.  I know when I find something that works, my running will improve.  


After hitting the shred in only a sports bra and in front of our bedroom mirrors (TMI?!), it's obvious I need better support for high impact activities like running.  Women's Health complied a list of best sports bras.  The one pictured above is a Natori Sport underwire sports bra and apparently costs a whopping $48!  Yikes.  The other high impact sports bras they list are equally or more expensive.  This may stay on the necessity list for quite a while.


As Megan and others have noted, the Nike+ is not the most accurate.  I had speculated this for a bit.  I don't think it'll be completely necessary to have this before the half since I'll be running to finish, not for my speed.  It would be nice to eventually have the Garmin to note my actual and real speed and distance.  

Of course the doctor appointment and running shows are first priority.  It's always difficult every month when the rarity happens that I have extra money.  Typically I am putting it in savings to save for another trip (or more recently I was trying to save for D's birthday).  It's so hard for me to take money to spend on doctors or large price items these days (even clothing and shoes).  While I desperately want to update my wardrobe and running necessities, traveling is so much more fulfilling to me.  I do know that to succeed in my goal of running the OBX half (and not kill myself), I am going to have to take some money for doc and shoes.  

I better start playing the lottery.   


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

OMG, I am in DIRE need of a new/good sports bra. My Target specials are just not cutting it!

Claire {Beaktweets} said...

running gear is so expensive! even just shorts & tanks. grr.

have you tried runkeeper? it's a phone app if you have a smart phone. i don't that it's perfect, but maybe it's worth a shot? i haven't tried nike+.

maybe see if there is an outlet near you? we have a new balance outlet and i get new running shoes for like $15. it's crazy!

Kayla said...

I need all of these things too. Minus the doctor's appt but that's only cause I went last month. I also need just some basic running clothes that don't start to fall apart after 2 or 3 washes.

Oh and I bought a Texas lottery ticket last night for the Friday pull. I still promise to send you a good chunk of change if no WHEN I win!

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@emllewellyn said...

Get iiiiiiiit. Blossoming runners are so inspiring to me. I admire this drive!

PS. This may sound alarming, but I had breathing problems for a while and was treated with various inhalers for what we thought was asthma for the better part of two years. Turns out I have a thyroid problem that makes my heart beat too fast, which means oxygen doesn't get through my system fast enough. Maybe it's not a thyroid problem, but look for unusual sources for shortness of breath!

Meri said...

I used to have the shortness of breath/ hard time getting a deep breath, and I self-diagnosed after some lung tests that it was anxiety-related, although I don't have any cognitive symptoms. The reason I diagnosed this in myself is that my mom said that at more stressful times in her life she had the same thing. I never went back after those few initial doctor visits. It comes back for a few weeks every couple of years.

Josie said...

I'm with you -- finding the right sports bra is seriously a necessity for working out. Granted, mine are from Target -- but I LOVE them.
xo Josie

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Ohh I need new bras in general, I have trouble with under wire but my boobs are too big to not have that kind of support;) . x hivenn

Amy @ Juice Boxes + Crayolas said...

I hear ya about being strapped for cash! I scored my garmin for about $100 on ebay last summer. It's an older model--the forerunner 205 but the price was right and it does the job!

meghan said...

I want one of those running watches. I clicked over and read Megan's post and saw that she feels like she slowed down when she got that watch. I fear that's how I will feel too..I have been using Nike+ GPS app. I think it's a LITTLE more accurate, because it actually uses GPS. Meh. One Day. PS I registered! It's official.


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