Monday, September 26, 2011

It's over and I have no clue how to handle this.

Summer is over.  Friday marked the official first day of fall.  I missed giving you guys awesome summer posts about my homemade salsa, my no-tax weekend shopping finds, beach trips (including one of the best birthday weekends yet), my summer book reviews, and even missed my one year update of my 101 in 1001 list.  I'm still debating whether or not to go back and still write about some of those experiences or to just move on.  Nonetheless, I had a pretty awesome summer.  To bring summer to an official close, let's review. (Beware: Crazy photo heavy...gotta make up for lost time)


 I spent the summer making Carrie's kick-ass guac.  Our fav way to eat it was topped on steak tacos.

 While it may not look super appealing, I perfected my salsa recipe.  Ingredients are super simple and easy.

I even tried baking! Now these Strawberry Lemonade Bars certainly didn't turn out like the picture in the recipe, and I didn't have powdered sugar.  We did end up topping them with Cool Whip.  They were delish!!

D and I really loved this delicious Tortilla Crusted Fish.  I used wild-caught Cod.  It's topped with a creamy cilantro salsa.  I definitely recommend it!

Have you ever heard of Amish Friendship Bread?  You get a starter dough from a friend, let it rest for ten days, while adding some ingredients on the fifth day.  This was my first go at it.  I made a blueberry cheesecake bread.  Amazing.  Recipe and more dets to come!

Pancetta and arugula pizza from Bella Mia in Cary, NC.  I love the perks of hanging out with my beer-selling D.

This summer was seriously perfected by discovering Pelican's Snoballs in Garner, NC.  Close to our house and amazing.  My favorite was the strawberry lemonade.  They're super cheap and have tons of flavors.  I even took my family to play putt putt there while they were in town!

 More pizza on our summer trip to Topsail Beach, NC. 

Amazing sushi platter at my birthday dinner in Wilmington, NC.  Seriously, I had all the food I love for my birthday weekend.


 Our trip to Topsail Beach, NC.  Seriously, the tube is a necessity for extended time in the ocean.  Oh and margaritas.

 Putt-putt on Topsail!  Such a fun environment.

 Topsail Beach balcony view.  Perfection before a night beach walk with margaritas in hand.

Aquarium from my birthday trip to Wilmington, NC.

 Beautiful farm wedding weekend in Sparta, GA.  More pics from that to come. (Ps. I seriously need to learn to pose for pictures...scary.)


Finally read Room, which I loved.  I also finished the Hunger Games series (thanks to Meghan for getting me started), although I'm not sure I loved it as much as others.

Yep, counting this as entertainment.  I did a hard-core closet clean-out and organization session.  Well worth it.

 More summertime reading.  Best gifts ever from D for my birthday.

 Labor Day weekend, D and I discovered The Alley in Raleigh.  They have awesome bowling and beer deals.

The Flaming Lips show at the Hopscotch Music Festival in Raleigh

 House decor counts as summer entertainment.  We finally got around to hanging up D's anniversary maps.
 Running and my new Garmin 405CX! 

 Not summer beer, but prepping for fall at our new favorite beverage store...Tasty Beverage in Raleigh.

 One of my favorite summer reads.  Still need to purchase the book for my own.

 Starting at my new school.  This classroom now looks worlds better.


 One of my favorite shirts that will definitely transition to fall.  Also, my first Anthro purchase!

 Loving this oversized, flowy blouse from Target.  I purchased the black one as well.  It's been paired with shorts and heels for the summer but will transition to fall with skinnies

 Fav summer outfit.  Flowy tank + shorts.

 Obsessed with this blouse

 Birthday outfit for dinner in Wilmington.

My Toms wedges for my bday from D.

In the books as an amazing summer.


meghan said...

Did you get that Target blouse recently? It's super cute. I want to grab one.

Oliviaaa said...

i still have not made that guac... i MUST do it this coming weekend for some tailgating :)

WannabeRunner said...

Those food pictures made my stomach growl!! Thanks for the summer recap:)

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Awww what a wonderful tribute to summer. So sad it's over but we have much to look forward to.


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