Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's Tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time.

It's also tricky to run a "long run."  Now long runs are supposed to be run slow and used to build your endurance.  I had my first long, LONG run on the docket two weekends ago.  8 miles.  Now that weekend we were out of town for a wedding.  I knew 8 miles was not even going to happen then.  I decided to postpone it to the following Monday.

I had a doctor's appointment that Monday, so I took the entire day off from work.  The temperature has been declining here in NC, so I decided to make my run happen outside.  I had planned to get up early and run but decided I would head to the park after my doctor's appointment.  The office is close to Umstead State Park. After my appointment, I headed out to the park and off to my run.  Seriously, it was hell.  Never having been to the park before, I didn't know too much about it.  The first 2.something miles where awful.  It was on a trail through the woods and majorly hilly.  When I finally got to the flat portion of the trail, I was already exhausted.  It's a bridle trail, so it was unpaved but not mountain trails.  The trail still became pretty hilly.  I got to a point that I just could not do another hill and figured I'd take a walk break.  Walk breaks just don't work for me though.  I couldn't really start back, especially with another huge incline looming.  I only made it 6 miles.  Now I am proud of that considering it was damn hilly, scary on the trails (I have a history of twisting my ankles), no water, etc.

All of this to say, I was NOT prepared for my longest long run.  I didn't take any water on the run.  I didn't take my inhaler (which I have to utilize more often if I'm dealing with hills and/or heat).  I didn't have any mid-run fuel.  Since I'm scheduling this post, my next long run was supposed to be 9 miles on Sunday.  I ran by REI and stocked up on this...

[GU gels, PowerBar Energy Gel, Chocolate Agave #9 Gel, Jelly Belly Sports Beans, and Cliff Shot Bloks]

I also checked REI for a good running belt to keep items like my phone (still don't have a sports arm band to fit my iPhone), inhaler, trail maps (since trails/routes in Raleigh are new to me), GUs, etc.  Those things are freaking expensive there.  No chance I'm dishing out $30 when I can likely find one for $20 MAX on amazon.  Here are a few I spotted on amazon:

[Nathan Shadow Pak $16.80:  Not sure if it will be big enough to fit everything]

This is the one I fell in love with at REI:

[Amphipod AirFlow Endurance Waistpack, $27 at REI, $24, here]

I'm going to attempt running with my water bottle in hand and possibly inhaler in my shorts pocket.

What are your favorite running belts?

Favorite mid-run fuels?

Also, I posted on the other blog about my training progress!

Edit:  I did it!  I ran 9 miles on Sunday and could not be more proud of myself!  That's a post for another time though!


Amy @ Juice Boxes + Crayolas said...

Congrats on your 9 miles!! What an awesome achievement. Can't wait to read about it soon!

Idk if you bought a belt yet, but i HIGHLY recommend finding one with a velcro closure! It's so much easier to adjust, even while running. I don't have a plain belt like that, but my nathan fuel belt is velcro and very comfortable/easy to adjust.

Danielle said...

Yeah!!!!!!! 9 miles is awesome!
I need to find something I can run with, but even if my hair is loose and hitting me on the back on the neck I freak out a little. I already have enough jiggling around my middle section...I would probably flip if I had to add a belt to that, too!

meghan said...

I've seen a lot of people talk about SPI Belts, and they look like they fit a big but don't jiggle too much.

And congrats on 9!! That's fantastic! I definitely don't think I could trail run...it seems like I have enough of a time running on concrete.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo 9 miles!!

I have to say I'm a big fan of my spi belt. It was $20 at a race expo and it fits my camera, GUs, extra iPhod, and chapstick with room to spare.

The first time I wore it was during a half marathon and I didn't have any problems.

Oliviaaa said...

holy heck! you are superwoman! i would never even get to that point to attempt a long, LONG run! so proud! and please... bring your inhaler along... we don't want you passing out!!!

WannabeRunner said...

Good job on your 9 miles! Can't wait to read the blog report. :)

I've tried fuel belts, but they just get on my nerves.

Rebecca said...

I have SPI Belt, it's not bad. I guess I have nothing to compare it too!

I've used granola bars, skittles, sports beans, hammer gels...the whole gamut.. guess it depends what I have on hand as well as what I am in the mood for!


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