Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let's spruce things up.

I’ve been pondering a new blog design for a bit now.  Seeing as how my photoshop skills are nonexistent, I can’t do it on my own.  You know all about my financial woes though, so I’m left in a bit of a conundrum.

I absolutely adore Meghan’s new design, but Lulapalooza is a bit too pricey for me (although $120 for an entire re-design is starting to look on the cheap side of things).  Meghan did suggest a couple of other  options for me:  Creative Index actually has the same rate for a full blog re-design, and unfortunately Wonder Forest's work didn't really align with my style.  And point being, I just didn’t love any of them as much as I love Lulapalooza.

This brings me to a few questions for you lovely readers…

1. Is it worth it to spend money on a customized blog design if I a) I have a difficult time consistently posting and b) I don’t actually make any money on my blog?
2. Based on speculation, will a customized/better design attract more readers (not that my basis/goal for blogging is to have tons of readers)?
3. Tell me who you’ve used for your blog designs!


Rebecca said...

i bought a customized blog design. i figured if i spend a decent amount of time there, it should at least reflect who i am.

I've gone with two designers: Bailey Doehler, her button is on my site, and a more local one

Best of luck figuring out what to do!

Mimi said...

personally, i don't think it is absolutely necessary to spend money on a customized blog design. however, i also have to say that a blog with an inviting design and layout attracts more people to visit/comment/follow. with that said, you can certainly revamp your blog without spending money. if you know someone who's good at those things, maybe they can help? :)

<3, Mimi

Joanna said...

I am in the same boat, my friend. I am exciting to see these responses. I would hope that if we do spend money on a blog design that we would be more consistent with posting. Maybe that would spark something new? I think the important thing about a blog is always content. You definitely have that and for your readers, any design should be good. As for the money thing, it sounds awesome to make money off of our blogs but I don't think that should be a selling point to sprucing yours up. I think if you feel like revamping then go for it! Your readers are behind you 100%! :)

Oliviaaa said...

email me... i'll send you some suggestions for a redesign!

Brittany said...

So, Hi! The title of your blog totally grabbed my attention, much like the word "squirrel!" grabs my dogs attention. So, I naturally stopped what I was doing to come explore, and funny, this post was one I can totally relate to! I want my blog re-designed and I have absolutely no skills to make it look somewhat appealing to the eye, so I have been trying to find someone help me do it as well. :) For what its worth, as a new reader, I was interested and read what you were writing without all the fancy layouts and designs, but I TOTALLY get the wanting all that. Because I do too.


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