Friday, February 17, 2012

A pyramid of cheese.

My oh my.  I know how you love that I give you all these grand ideals that I’ll be back with lots of blog posts within one week.  Sadly, work is really super stressful right now and overwhelming my life.  This has been a really trying few weeks.  I’ve stopped crocheting and blogging.  I’ve turned to alcohol and TV watching.  Luckily, D has become much more fitness motivated and is keeping me heading to the gym most days.  I’m lucky to have him!

We were able to enjoy a really simple but fun Valentine’s day this year.  We did the same thing we would on any normal day but with a few extra perks.

[By perks, I mean reservation cards.  Yeah, Tasty Beverage doesn’t do reservations.  We know people.]

I had been dying to try this pyramid of cheese, and it didn’t disappoint!  We chowed down and ate the entire pyramid.  Plus crackers and beer of course.

[Um, yeah.  That's a pyramid of cheese.]

Then we hit up our favorite Asian restaurant to top off the night.  Pretty perfect Valentine’s if you ask me!


Kristin Miller said...

IT'S OK! No one can understand the stress of teachers except teachers...and their spouses ;-) Relax and worry about you. Enjoy your weekend! Glad your hubby helped you have a nice Valentines day!!!

Oliviaaa said...

what kind of cheese is that!? it looks aaaamazing!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Looks like something to sink my teeth into.


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