Monday, June 25, 2012

guest post :: house of glass.

Ashley, Ashley, Ashley.  This girl is seriously the best.  I honestly do not even understand how it took me so long to find her.  Even though I don't technically "know" her (except I'll be on my way to meet her in just a couple of days!), she has to be one of the funniest girls I know.  And you totally should go check out all of her awesome Maui pictures!

I love how Ashley switched it up from alcohol!  And damn!  Girl even gave us a recipe!  That's what drinking June is all about!


hey there Skinny Jeans & a Chai Latte readers!
my name is Ash and i blog over at House of Glass 

how exciting is it that Kristin is embarking on the trip of a lifetime.. come see me?!!?!

bahaha i know, i KNOW.. she is so kind
to drive allllll the way cross country
just to visit me...
...and drink beers.

now, before i get to my lovely post
i have a confession:
this was originally supposed to be a video..
an homage, if you will, to My Drunk Kitchen.

but im too lazy to edit
and, while i find myself HILARIOUS and witty,
i think it might be too IN YO FACE for a first time guest post.

so maybe, if i have had the time,
i could edit the video and put it
on my blog...

or maybe not.

this is my guest post
i make the rules
im taking over
vote for me for president...


ok, let's get down to business.

you may or may not know this
but i drank nothing but juice for the entire month of january (:

yes, you read that right
nothing but fresh squeezed fruit and veggie juice
for 31 days.

and yes, of course i lost weight... read about it here

since then, i've incorporated a lot of juicing into my daily diet
and i have never been more energized or happy.

this juice (i should say smoothie) is my favorite
and i highly recommend it as it's filled
with tropical goodness and a bit of green.

Morning Sunrise Smoothie

-2 bananas
-1 C mango
-1 C pineapple
-1/2 C papaya
-1-2 handfuls spinach
-1-2 C OJ

1. peel bananas and place them in a blender. if you are making this for two people, throw in another banana for a total of 3. yes 3 bananas in one smoothie.

2. place tropical fruit on top of bananas. i'm lazy and never want to cut up all this fruit, so i buy the tropical fruit medley from Trader Joe's- it's already cut up for you! no excuses people, we are getting healthy and energized!

3. place spinach on top of fruit.

4. top with ice and orange juice.

5. blend that puppy up.  it's good to blend the drink for a long time. i have a blendtec that has a smoothie button- and i think it blends for roughly a minute or so, with variations in speed.

6. pour into a tall glass and enjoy!  this should be enough to have PLENTY of leftovers.  guzzle the juice down, refill, and repeat. trust me. typical juice/smoothie recipes ALWAYS leave me wanting more- that's because they are so low in volume that it's impossible to be filled up with just one serving! so drink all of this and thank me later for not feeling too hungry (;

and there you go.
 i drink this daily, and sometimes make it at night if i'm feeling particularly bloated/fat/disgusting and don't want to eat.
you could make this with a variety of fruit, not just the ones listed.
kiwis are delicious, grapefruit is good..
just get creative!

also, instead of ice, you could throw in frozen organic strawberries. or any frozen fruit.

im telling you, once you accept that fruit is delicious and nutritious and THE BEST thing for your body, you will LOVE making smoothies and juice.  they taste so good.



undomestic mama said...

I do a spinach/fruit smoothie almost every day but it's always the same one. I'll have to try this one out.

Stephanie said...

This looks amazing. I love adding spinach or kale to my fruit smoothies. I've never added papaya though - adding it to my list :)

Claire Kiefer said...

YUM. I'm way into the green smoothies in the mornings. Especially now that it's SUMMER! I am in awe of you for drinking nothing but juice for AN ENTIRE MONTH . . . that means no coffee and no wine which might just mean no sanity for me!

Unknown said...

yum, looks delicious!


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