Thursday, August 2, 2012

Do you know the capital of Texas?

Yeah, it's Austin (and dammit, that picture I thought I snagged of the Capital Building was no where to be found)!  I popped in real quick for a weekend!  I'll give you just my weekend in pictures!

 [Boo ya.  Bumped up to economy comfort! Extra leg room for the win!]

 [I wear this dress all the time, which is perfect for traveling.  Paired with a clearance Target necklace.]

 [My hotel was right on 6th Street, so I spent Friday night exploring that crazy place.]

 [Amazingly delicious Patrón Mango Mint Margarita at Iron Cactus]

 [Picked up a 6-pack of Pearl Snap at Royal Blue Grocery before heading back to the hotel for the night]

 [Had to dress light and flowy for the heat and humidity for my first full day]

 [My walk the in the opposite direction on 6th Street]

 [Conveniently ran into a Whole Foods with a taqueria!  Most amazing and perfect discovery!]

[Sat outside Whole Foods with the best egg & vegan chorizo taco of my life]

 [Perfect hotel positioning as the farmers' market was on Guadalupe, perpendicular to 6th]

 [Red Rabbit Bakery at the Market]

 [I never order sweets...especially donuts.  When in Rome?]

 [And I chose filled?!  The local, organic peach filling was totally worth it]

 [I literally walked everywhere.  Even across the Congress Ave. bridge.  I shouldn't complain about the heat though; I'm in awe of the number of runners I saw out at 11:45!]

 [Ms. P's Electric Cock Fried Chicken...if D would have been with me, we would have stopped]

 [Because I knew D would be all Texas beer sampler at Hopdoddy's]


 [While sweets aren't the norm, I couldn't resist the "black metal stout" (with alcohol in it!) topped with Twixx!]

 [Started Sunday off in the best way with brunch at Max's]

 [Jalapeño-cheese grits topped with spicy pulled pork, fresh tomatoes, sweet corn, pickled jalapeños, & a fried egg.  Amazing.]

[Finished my day off trying to detox and settle my tummy at Halcyon]

Linking up with Hollie today!  I've found some of my fav new blogs this way!


Bethany said...

YUM! You are making me so hungry! I want to try a peach donut - that looks divine. I really love the striped dress + yellow necklace, too - isn't finding good clearance jewelry at Target the best?

Meghan said...

AHHHH! I am so loving your pics! My husband and I went to Austin last year and LOVED IT! I ran along Lake Lady Bird every morning, and we loved the music venues on South Congress! Your pics make me want to go back!

Claire Kiefer said...

I love Austin--best city in Texas! What were you there for? Looks like you ate and drank well, as usual. :) Mostly I'm jealous of that ice cream/frozen yogurt . . . I wish I could say I wasn't a sweets person, but that would be a LIE.

Don't think that Austin Motel sign has escaped me . . . ha!

Jo said...

Mmmmm. Thanks for reminding me to eat. My tummy is growling now.

annelise said...

Reading about all this food as I'm tucked up in bed at 10.40pm was probably a bad idea because now I'm damn hungry. Austin sounds like such a cool city.

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

I've always wanted to visit Austin! The food all looks so yummy and I love your navy/white stripe dress with the yellow necklace!!!

Jyndia said...

Such a cute blog! I found you at #FF! I loved all your pictures of Austin! I have yet to go there, but I live in Portland OR and many people say the two cities are similar. And your blog def made me want to visit!

New follower!

Leesh said...

I like your iphone case. Love the stripes but what I love more...those donuts. I am a donut addict!


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