Monday, August 6, 2012

Life Lately :: I swear I do more than just eat.

I've definitely felt like these last two weeks have been a complete whirlwind.  We've barely had time to do much with travel, friends in town, and events/activities to attend.  It's been lots of fun, but it makes it really hard to keep up with relaxing, personal time.  I'm behind on blogs & blogging; I have yet to make more of my Whole 30 mayo.  I need time to visit the Farmers' Market again.  I haven't accomplished my summer goals of finding a signature drink or decorating.  I need more time.  Nonetheless, I've had plenty of happy, fun things going on!

 [I have a serious cashew obsession...thankyouverymuch Whole 30]

 [Out for delicious drinks at our favorite cocktail bar, Foundation]
 [First time with zucchini noodles!  They didn't disappoint!]

 [I left this out of my original weekend in Austin recap.  I ordered an amazing blueberry cake donut from Howdy Donut]

 [Drinking a Samurai Krunkles for national IPA day at Tasty Beverage]

 [FINALLY got to see it!  Amazing.]

[So much cheese.  Probably my heaven on earth at the Cheese Rally in Raleigh]

 [After all summer, I FINALLY pulled out the white skinnies]

[Chicago + gelato in Durham!]


Bethany said...

YUM for cheese! I want some! :)

Unknown said...

how was making the zucchini pasta - difficult?

Mandee said...

zucchini noodles? spill the beans, I want to do that! I have so much zucchini!

Alyson @Vintage Sunshine said...

How did you do the zucchini noodles? I'd love to try them. Linking up from Life on Leroy!


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