Sunday, November 25, 2012

Being crafty :: Lit doorway garland.

Back when I showed you my glitter clothespins, I had an ultimate project in mind.  It's finally time for the reveal!

This was my muse.  When I saw it, I knew I had to try it!  For the doorway garland, it's ridiculously easy!

You'll need:

  • Pre-lit garland (or regular garland plus lights) - I got mine from Target for just $13
  • Command hooks (I only used three)
  • Twine
  • Glitter clothespins
  • Glitter letters (see below)
First - Arrange your hooks on the wall.  I used one in the middle, a bit above the door frame.  The others went on the top corners (on the wall though, not on the actual frame itself) of the frame.  Obviously I'm not a stickler for perfection, so I didn't measure.  Just eye-ball it.

Second - Hang that beautiful garland!

Third - Measure out the amount of twine you'll need.  Tie one side of the twine to your Command hook.  String on your glitter letters.  This is where the centering got tricky.  Next year I plan to get the centering a bit better.  I tied knots between each letter so they wouldn't move, but I don't think it was completely necessary.  Once the letters are on, tie the other side to the opposite hook.   

[I twisted the hanging twine around the garland]

Fourth - Don with your glitter clothespins & use them to display your holiday cards!

For the specifics on the glitter letters...

 [Draw your letters on the cardstock.  I drew them on different pieces but side-by-side to ensure they were pretty close to the same size]

 [Cut out those letters!]

 [Go ahead and punch your holes before you glitter up]

 [One-by-one, I used Mod Podge to wet one side of the letter then sprinkled glitter over the letters.  I dumped excess glitter over extra card stock so I didn't waste too much glitter.  I let the letters dry over night on a plate.]

[My letters didn't stay flat after drying.  While it isn't noticeable in full pictures, it's obvious close-up.  In the future, I may use cardboard (from an old box) which will stay better and the color would go well with the glitter & twine.]

What DIY crafts are you attempting this holiday season?


Jo said...

Oh, that will look even cuter when your cards are hung all over it. What a neat idea!

Alex Byer said...

Lo-lo-love it! I think I might want to do something like that for our apartment!

kim @ a positive peace said...

yes! love! i was thinking about something like this because I have several entryways/doorways in my apartment!

also shout-out on my blog to you about glitter clothespins! :)

Meghan said...

Ok, this is AMAZING! You are so creative. I love the lights and the glitter - everything looks better with a little sparkle! :)

Anna {dear friend} said...

This looks SO GOOD!! I love it!

Anonymous said...

How cute! It looks like so much fun. Our apartment is teensy tiny, so we aren't really decorating, but I will definitely keep this in mind for when we someday have a normal sized house. :)

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Nice one! You made it sound so easy.
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Anonymous said...

Love it!! Yay holidays!!

Unknown said...

so beautiful! you're quite the crafter! that looks awesome

Oliviaaa said...

I love it! I wish I had a doorway to replicate this. so instead... i'm just going to swoon over yours :)


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