Monday, February 25, 2013

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Reading.  Treasure Island.

I've finished my other reads of 2013 and am slowly working on this classic.  It's a little tough for me to read the classics with their "different" language.  I'm hoping to move on to Little Women if I ever finish this one.

Watching.  Girls.

I can not even get enough of Girls.  I re-watched the first season already and anxiously anticipate every new episode.  It is most definitely my favorite episode on TV right now!

Thinking.  About family.

It's funny one part of your life can be going so well and another seemingly crumbling around you.  My family situation (aside from D and I) has been a bit of a mess for about a year and a half now.  Things have taken a turn for the worse, and it's really hard to live far away and be helpless.

Eating/drinking.  Sweets & stouts.

In March, I'm planning to do another Whole 30 because sugar and dairy has made too big of a reappearance in my life.  Those donuts were what I was craving after my 10k on Saturday.  And of course you know all about my recent stout addiction.

Working.  On running.

I ran a 6 minute PR on my most recent 10k.  I've been focusing on running outside only (bye, bye treadmill) and building my hill training and endurance.  It feels really good to finally be getting faster!

Wishing.  For a spring break.

With my new job, I don't really get weeks off or summer breaks.  I'll take the switch for a job I love, but I can't say I wouldn't love a week off to do nothing.

Obsessing.  The new tattoo.

It's yet to happen yet but hopefully next month...

Hating.  Buying a new washer and dryer.

The purchase you love to hate.  You love the upgrade of having a new(er) & nicer washer and dryer.  You hate the money you have to put on that shit.  Another reason to hate it...they continually mess our stuff up. Long story, but it's pretty fucked up.  But two deliveries, one repairman, and two visits to the store later, we still don't have a dryer that properly works.

Loving.  Shopping my closet.

It's been so fun coming up with outfits lately.  I have another fun one coming this week!


Kiersten said...

The Fault in Our Stars and It's Kind of a Funny Story are both amazing books! TFIOS was definitely my favorite by John Green...
I hope you're able to get into Treasure Island....I never did read that one
<3 Kiersten

whitney said...

i downloaded a sample of fault in our stars. i started silver linings last night. i wanted to read it before i saw the movie. i know, i am a little behind the times.

i tried to read all of the sherlock holmes books...but i was bored. sad to say. the older books are really hard to read.

Nikki Mitchell said...

I keep hearing great things about the show Girls...its on my list to watch!

This currently list is really a great idea! I may do something like this soon!

Btw I am a new follower on GFC


Taylor said...

LOVE the show Girls!!
Great job on a 10k PR! I'm hoping to PR a couple of 10k's in March!!
I'm currently reading Gone Girl... I've heard loads of great things... Have you read it??

Alex Byer said...

Get it gurl with the running PR. And am I the only one not watching Girls? Shit yo. I need to get on that.

And you don't even know what I would DO for a washer dryer in my apartment.

Claire Kiefer said...

I'm so sorry you're dealing with family struggles. I'm going through that too, and it really is tough to be far away (sometimes--other times I'm grateful for it). I really hope things get better/easier for you soon!

Alice said...

I loved The Fault In Our Stars- to the point I started reading it again immediately after finishing it the first time! I'm so sorry you're having a tough time, but it's true- keep your head up and keep your heart strong. (And listen to Ben Howard, who wrote the song that that line is from, if you didn't know- it's called "Only Love" but the entire album is incredible) x

Jo said...

Hold up just a second. Did you give blood yet? Did I miss that? Because you were nervous about that, but you're excited about getting a tattoo. Of course, I don't blame you. I can't wait to get more ink! It's never soon enough.

heather @ fieryandopinionated said...

just found your blog tonight - love it! i'm so with you on girls… i just moved to san francisco and don't have cable yet and i am dying to get caught up! hope your family situation improves soon… hang in there.

meghan said...

I'm enjoying Girls a lot too, though sometimes I'm left questioning what I'm supposed to think and what emotions I'm supposed to feel. You'll have to let us know what you think of Treasure Island. One of my favorite books is The Count of Monte Cristo, and it's the only classic I've ever read.

Oliviaaa said...

i just told B that we need to add HBO so I can watch Girls.

And really... I'm actually really excited for the day we get to buy a w/d... i love that kind of shit! :]

The Adventurer said...


You know I'm pumped for this. SO PUMPED for this!

PS. Girls - I guess I need to get on this!?


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