Thursday, March 21, 2013

And anniversary weekend commences.

I guess I kind of left you hanging with our Boone trip.  I didn't want to overwhelm you with pictures, so I figured I'd save the other part of our weekend.  While we spent Friday lounging around and exploring the lands, we took Saturday to walk around downtown Boone.

Does this outfit look familiar? Add a chambray + different color sweater, and it's a new outfit!  It certainly kept me warm.  I'm still trying to break out of my photo-shy shell while being in public, so I didn't take many pictures in town and none that warrant display.

But we did have a pretty great dinner at Vidalia.

Since we were technically traveling (remember my vegetarian rules?), I got the smoked chicken & "dumplings."  The dumplings were gnocchi, and I can not pass up gnocchi!  D and I were both impressed with our meals and really enjoyed our meal there!

After exploring in Boone, we bundled up and came home to drink and lounge by the fire (and use up all the firewood).

Special beers and this guy were the perfect way to end our anniversary trip.  Of course we spent one last time in the hot tub too.


whitney said...

i want to have a bonfire with you!

i'll bring the gnocchi. deal?

Alex Byer said...

I agree with Whitney. Let's have a bonfire all together.

Jo said...

The picture of the fire is absolutely awesome.

applesandglue said...

Oooh, love that skirt... so cute! And I love how that fire looks, no smores tho??

Anonymous said...

Boone is awesome. You really can't go wrong with Boone. And chicken and gnocchi dumplings. I want them now.

Alice said...

This looks amazing, and you look so lovely in these pictures! Nothing beats cosying up by a fire. And hot tub!? WIN! x

Erin said...

Hot tub+ fire+ good beer? Perfect way to celebrate with your guy! Sounds like a great weekend getaway.

Jessica said...

A bonfire would be great. I love your outfit and it sounds like you had a great time.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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Claire Kiefer said...

What fun!!! We're going to Mendocino Easter weekend and I am SO EXCITED about the hot tub. Last year I couldn't get in because I had a cast on my foot!

Happy anniversary :)

Melissa said...

Cute skirt! Glad to hear you guys had a fun time on your trip!


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