Friday, March 15, 2013

Food & Beer Friday :: A series of windows.

On our anniversary trip, D and I enjoyed a good number of beers.  This was the only one I was able to capture in action.  I mentioned Mother Earth Brewing back when I went to that amazing beer brunch.  Mother Earth has a Windowpane Series of beers that are fermented with fruits then aged in barrels.  My understanding is that they are all aged in different types of barrels.  The Fig & Raisin is the third in the series (first is blackberries, second is peaches).

The Fig & Raisin Windowpane is a Belgian style Dubbel beer that was aged in brandy barrels for three months.  This beer is cloudy and a dark amber color with a creamy caramel head.  My initial reaction to this beer was its sweetness.  It was overwhelming sweet in the first few sips.  As I kept drinking, I definitely tasted the brandy.  Those strong alcohol flavors help to cut the sweetness a bit.  At 9% alcohol (and unless you want to be overwhelmed by sweetness), I'd share this beer with at least one or two friends.  My overall feelings on the Fig & Raisin reminded me of how I felt after this winter beer.

Either way, I day drank sipped on this beer with D by the fire while finally finishing up Treasure Island.  It was a good anniversary day.

Other Mother Earth beers I'd recommend would be Silent Night (for you stout lovers) and Endless River (for your lighter tastes).  And if you're ever headed through Kinston, NC, check out their taproom!



Something Infinitely Interesting said...

Those look really gooood!

applesandglue said...

So I know nothing about beer but those pics looked nice lol!


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