Saturday, November 28, 2009


Surprisingly, it's been a little escape getting away to west Virginia
for the week. I haven't been stressing about money, jobs and moving.
I have been thinking alot about our impending elopement and party.
I'm ready to get back and really start planning the party (as scary as
the money aspect of that is). Which, on a side ridic is it
that the AVERAGE cost of a wedding is like $23k. Come on. I know
girls dream about their wedding day and all...but don't they dream of
having a house and travelling too?! And how do families dish out
money like that? Although, I would still take having no school loans
over a wedding any day. People don't realize how amazing it is to
have parents with the financial ability to pay for college, cars,
weddings, etc. All of these financial strains certainly make money a
lot tighter for D and I beginning our married life together. And
although he is doing something he loves (and I hope to be very soon),
we don't get paid enough for what we do. Anyway...enough on that
tangent! It has been nice to not really stress about things. We've
had most of our meals cooked for us (yay for not eating out and
spending more money!) and I haven't had to spend my free time job
searching. Of course we've had the occassional "we're moving soon"
convo which reminds me of my impending job search and obligation...but
thank goodness for the break of writing cover letters and mailing
resumes (with very little luck). Tomorrow it's almost back to the
real world. I have to start reading my articles for my philadelphia
teaching fellows interview (next Saturday) and figuring out how in the
hell I'm going to be able to afford that. To be honest, the real
world does kind of suck. Especially if you're looking for jobs,
living paycheck to paycheck, and working in this economy. Granted, I
don't miss juggling school and work...which will prob be happening to
me again in the near future.

Anyway...I plan to update tomorrow on our ride back to GA about some
of the interesting family and baby stories from the weekend.

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