Saturday, November 28, 2009

I couldn't back out on my promise.

I told you guys (yes, my whopping 4 readers) that I would update today
re: family stories from the thanksgiving week in west Virginia. I'm
not going to go into all the dets of my week right now, but I have a
note about babies.

So I can't remember if I mentioned earlier that I spent a lot of time
around a 6-month and a 9-month old babies this week. D's cousin and
wife have a cutie little 9-month old baby boy. D's brother and wife
have a cutie little 6-month old baby girl. On a positive note, D was
so good with the babies. I never get to see him around babies and
when I do, he's usually awkward and doesn't pay them much attention.
In my opinion, he was completely different on this trip. He was so
good and playful with the babies. He wasn't awkward and weird. I was
proud; and feel a little more confident in his "dad" abilities if we
ever decide to have kids.

On the interesting note...both sets of parents were complete opposites
in my opinion. One set is the set that have been trying to have a
baby for a couple of years and probably more financially ready for
kids. The other couple is young, newlywed, and got pregnant on
accident. The parenting was obvious. The later couple seemed
stressed and almost uncomfortable the entire time. The previous
seemed happy and just wanted to be around their baby 24/7. The later
couple said "I'm just ready for her to be older." granted she did
mention how she knows she's supposed to love this age and time. My
point with all this being...I completely understand and support the
significance of both partners BEING READY to have a baby. We are no
where near ready (nor should we have to be considering I'm only 24 and
where not even newlyweds yet!)...emotionally or financially. And
yeah, yeah...they say you'll never feel completely financially ready
(aside from the fact that we both admit we're just too lazy and
selfish right now), but come on. Obviously we'd be better off with
some exta money in our savings and reliable cars closer to paid off.
Case-in-point...we are no where near ready. Again, let me
clarify...we are not and have not ever been considering children any
time soon. This just validates my ideals so I can defend myself
against KD and CAP when they mention that innate desire to birth a
child ;) But the babies were cute. It was a valuable experience at
least for me to see D in a child-friendly situation. Although...I
haven't changed. I was babied-out after the first night....

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