Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend Update.

Eh...not too much going on this week.  I've been on call (which entails be keeping the oncall pager from Wed-Tues and being oncall for any child emergencies or other ridiculous things that the police decide to page us over for all hours of each night).  It's been stressful and frustrating actually.  I guess I can't really complain (who am I kidding, I totally can) considering I have typically had fairly easy on call weeks and it's practically only two weeks per year.  On the positive side, it got me out of tailgating ALL DAY and going to a football game tonight.  Don't get me sounds like I hate it.  I am just happy to have a break, a relaxing weekend for the first time in what feels like a month.

Yesterday, D and I ate at Big City Bread Cafe for dinner.  It was really delish.  They have some awesome specials...but on our budget we opted for the lower priced sandwiches and a burger.  D loved the burger, and I got an awesome chicken sandwich.  For an app we had some delish mac and cheese.  We definitely plan to go back and split the 14oz pork chop!  Then we cam back and watched a movie.  I've been feeling sick though, so I bailed on D early :(

Today, D's been out tailgating and whatnot.  I've been RELAXING!  I'm still feeling a little least I woke up being able to breathe.  I still am suffering from a stuffy nose, cough, etc.  I slept in (until Bailey woke me up scratching at the door...grrrrr).  I ate some cinnamon buns D bought for breakfast (yum).  Watched a Law and Order.  Ate a mexican lunch with KayD.  Caught up on some dvr shows with KayD.  Now blogging and watching more L&O.  I'm sure I'll get some fast food later (just to pack on the pounds since I still haven't been working out...grrr...working out is another subject for another day).  I plan to do the same thing tomorrow except hanging out with D a little more. 

As for moving and the job search...I'm currently in the process of applying to some teaching programs.  I'm interviewing in December for Philadelphia Teaching Fellows, in January for Prince George County Teaching Fellows, and TBD for Baltimore Teaching Residency.  I'm considering AmeriCorps as well.  If anyone up north knows about any other teaching programs, non-profits orgs, etc. let me know!  D is being so supportive and flexible with moving locales.  I'm lucky to have him really :)  I suppose I need to start working on cover letters also.  THE HARDCORE JOB SEARCH BEGINS!

PS.  So freaking excited about LADY GAGA in December!

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