Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blazers and busy-ness!

How do you spell busy-ness?  Because if you substitute an "i," you get business...hmmm.

Anyway!  Sorry it's been a week since I posted :(  As usual, life is just not slowing down for me.  The nights that I don't have lesson planning, grading, or school-related work, I just want to plop down and catch up on tv.  Now that we've actually moved, we're busy unpacking!  I promise moved in pictures will be coming soon.  This will hopefully be a year of decorating and updating our home decor :)  I may need to get some tips from Britney on restoring furniture! 

This weekend, I have grading that I haven't gotten a chance to do.  Yesterday was spent sleeping in (yay!  and much needed), eating breakfast and gchatting with my friend, KD, hitting up a couple thrift stores (I'm on the hunt for some oxfords), heading to the gym (about freaking time), cleaning the old house so we can be officially moved out, and finally heading to Target to pick up some necessities.  I did come back and read all my students free-writing journals.  Now the plans for today are to finish up this post, finish my coffee, completely finish cleaning and getting stuff out of the old house, hit up the gym, come back and meet D, hopefully get in some grading (ahhhh!  I have to!), and then have a stay-in date night with D.  I bought some stuff to make homemade lasagna, side salads, and red wine.  I hope he can wind down after a busy week/weekend of traveling and beer.

A note of excitement before I go!  I've been unlucky on the front of find some oxfords period - let alone in my size - in the thrift stores around here.  I think maybe I need to check out Etsy or something.  I did find a blazer yesterday that I fell in love with.  No lie, it is almost exactly like this:

[Softwashed wool blazer from JCrew, $198!]

Mine (and I promise I'll share pictures soon) doesn't have the flaps over the pockets and the buttons are a weird color.  I am considering replacing the buttons with something darker.  This blazer does not have shoulder pads (unlike my first find) and has a splendid fit!  I can't wait to start wearing it for the chillier months coming up!  I've been dying to the next best (and cheapest) thing is thrifting.  In the upcoming weeks, D is going to be out of town a lot.  I may start browsing some surrounding thrift stores outside of just the Salvation Armys.

Hope you've had a fabulous fall weekend!


Carrie said...

i love blazers. they're so cute! it definitely completes an outfit.

p.s. I'm having a giveaway! Come and enter:D


Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

I love blazers too. They look classy.


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