Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall is wonderful.

Although here in NC, we're still balancing between highs in the mid-80s one day and in the low-70s the next.  Oh global warming Mother nature.  There is something I love about the cooler weather, leaves changing, pumpkin spice flavors, heated blankets, and the holidays.  Since I'm too busy on Hulu catching up on my shows, my post will reflect it.  I hope to take some time on Saturday to schedule some posts for next week though! 

I'm SUPER excited about the...

[This is that cute graphic I was telling you about!]

Me and my friend JDA are running it.  I'm so happy that I found a running buddy (and newfound friend here in Raleigh!).  JDA actually has a lot more experience than I do with races.  Her and her family have done quite a few 5k's.  The good thing though is that she and I still have about the same pace.  I'm looking forward to continuing our running even after the Monster Dash.  10k anyone?!  We've "trained" a few days.  It's going to be such a great feeling to complete the 5k on Sunday.

As for a costume for the MD, geez.  I didn't want to spend a lot since I'm currently on a budget.  After already spending the $23 on the race, I couldn't/didn't want to dish out much more on a costume I actually have to run in as well.  Gaga is super popular this year (although my friend KD started that trend last year), but there is no way I was dishing out $30+ on a costume that will probably be out next year.  Seriously...I spent at least 30 minutes (I honestly think it had to be close to 45) in the Halloween store and came out some some cat ears and tail that I'll still not happy with.  I just don't have the will to make something this year.  Looking at all the fun costumes though makes me me want to dress up this year.  More time for me to think up something super creative and awesome for next year :)

Happy Halloween!


annelise said...

I am impressed with your 5k efforts. Seriously. Once school has finished for the year (three weeks, three weeks, three weeks...), I've promised myself that I will exercise daily. I'd love to be able to run, but I'm not really built for running if you know what I mean! Maybe I will try anyway.

Have a great Halloween! I'm sure it will be fun regardless of any costume you could have!

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

Good for you for running on Sunday! I will likely be loafing on the couch slightly hungover and eating candy... what an image, eh? Good job on keeping with the budget, I'm not the best at that when it comes to halloween. That's funny that you said that about your friend doing Gaga because my friend did it last year too so now I'm like psssh, seen that before :) Honestly though, running a 5k on halloween in cat ears sounds darling enough!


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