Thursday, December 2, 2010

Best of: Christmas ornaments.

I'm obsessed with Christmas ornaments.  Don't even get me started on our lame Christmas tree situation this year. that I got started, I have to explain.  When D and I first moved in together, back in 2007, we bought a little fake tree on our limited budget.  It was supposed to be a 6 foot tree.  It ended up looking like this:

[Yeah, that's little 5'2" me.  I'm crouched a bit, but it is almost the same height as me!]

At the time, we only had one cat and were afraid of how he would be with the tree.  We bought a lot of plastic red and silver balls.  Back to the tree...we kept that scrawny little thing for the following two Christmases.

  [2007...first go round]

 [2008...still looking like the same skinny tree]

 [2009...still going strong with my Bailey as the main character in this pic]

When we got ready to get out the ole standby tree this year, it was no where to be found.  Then we got to thinking....we didn't bring it from Athens!  I very vaguely remember saying to just leave it behind, and we could buy a new one.  Little did I know we'd be on the tight budget with buying a house and all (oh how things change in a year).  We still wanted a fake tree just for convenience and with the pets.  We weren't willing to dish out the money for a pre-lit GOOD fake tree.  We opted for a 4'5" footer (which is maybe three feet in reality) that I can put in my classroom next year.  Here we come after Christmas sales!

Over the following two Christmases, we've only accumulated a couple more ornaments.  We sort of started a tradition of buying a new ornament on sale every year after Christmas to add to our collection.  There are currently some ornaments I'm lusting over right now though!

[Holy crap!  How cute is this guy??  You know all about my owl obsession.  He can be found at terrain for only $8]

[Also from terrain is this ADORABLE little guy for $12]

[Obviously my tree will be full of animals.  Cutie giraffe from my fav for $16]

[So I don't completely overwhelm you with animals & one of my dreams is to ride in a hot air balloon.  From anthropologie for $18]

[Because we totally need a mushroom on our tree.  Anthro again $12]

And I couldn't get the picture, but I also want one of these Hello Kitty ornaments!  We all know where I'll be doing online shopping after Christmas!

Ps.  I'm so proud of myself for a real, functional post!

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Claire {Beaktweets} said...

so cute. i love your skinny tree! such a "new couple" tree, if you know what i mean. ours was like that last year. it will be such a fun memory when you look back one day, sitting next to a nice, tall, full tree :)


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