Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Style :: Food Edition - It's almost Christmas but I'm updating on Thanksgiving.

D and I had a banging (that's right...I just said that) Thanksgiving meal this year.  We ate left overs for days!  We had a delish spread of all our favorite things.  Since our families started being all non-traditional, we like to have traditional holiday comfort foods. 

 [D made a fabulous turkey!  His first time making a turkey.  I won't dare touch a raw turkey!]

 [Uncooked sweet potato souffle.  My grandma's recipe, my specialty.]

 [Stuffing and mac n cheese!  Mac n cheese is D's step-mom's recipe that we can't live without every year!]

 [Cooked sweet potato souffle and cranberry sauce]

 [Not too shabby for our first married couple Thanksgiving.  The puzzle was a work in progress and couldn't be moved]

 [Turkey & gravy, rolls, stuffing, mac n cheese, sweet potato souffle, cranberry sauce, and green beans]


Valerie said...

That all looks incredible! Especially the mac & cheese. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


Morgan said...

That post just made me SUPER hungry! Yum!!


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