Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Closet Craving :: Sweaters.

It's been cold here in NC.  It makes me wonder if I could brave the cold up north!  It's been crazy windy here too.  Every time I walk from the school building to my trailer, I am hit by a HUGE gush of wind that leaves me barely able to breath!  All I can think about is which sweater to wear every day.  I am somehow misplaced by favorite beige sweater.  I've been wearing the heck out of a thin, grey sweater I thrifted.  I really want some new sweaters, but they are just too dang expensive on my budget right now :(  At least a girl can dream!

[Ugh!  Why must I be tempted so?!  Fresh Perspective Cardigan from Anthro, $148]

[It seriously becomes to depressing to peruse Anthro for too long.  Plaited Pocket Cardigan, $158]

[I need some more reasonable prices.  Forever 21 for only $29]

[More F21 for only $24.80]

 [I am seriously considering buying this for myself when payday comes around on the 21st.  It's buy one, get one 50% off.  Don't buy up all of my size!  Exaggerated Shawl Collar Sweater at American Eagle, $34.95!]

[Doesn't this just look super comfy?  American Eagle Light & Lofty Dolman Sweater, Sale $29.95]

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