Friday, May 6, 2011

Weighing-in Wednesday :: Late as usual

You know I schedule all my posts because I never have time to sit down every day/night and get a whole post together.  I should really get paid to post since 1) I love it and 2) it's quite time involved.  Let's get to the point.

I didn't weigh in on Wednesday because we had such a busy, beer-filled night with a beer dinner.  I didn't weigh in on Thursday because we had another unhealthy night with a beer event.  I didn't really want to weigh in this morning since we had this last night...

Carrie's guacamole and fajitas.  Happy cinco to us.  I made a double batch of the guac and there was like a fourth of a cup left over.  I rationalized the whole thing thinking 1) I shredded and 2) it's only the avocado that's fattening.  Turns out my rationalizations were right because I weighed in one pound lighter this morning!  Um, one pound is huge in my world.  It's my motivation to keep it going!  Even with all the beer events this week, I've stayed consistent with doing the couch to 10k program on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and shredding in between.  The real challenge will come when testing is in full swing and my days become longer.

I'm filling my extra calories with beer tonight, so I won't babble on this evening.  I need to update on my running pains and some exciting news I got today.  Wishing a wonderful weekend to everyone!


Claire Kiefer said...

Congrats! I've been shredding consistently but haven't weighed myself since I don't have a scale. On one hand, I think that seeing the number go down would be inspiring and, like you said, encourage me to keep going . . . but on the other hand, I'm a little terrified. haha!

Speaking of shredding, I'm heading home to do that now. Gotta keep at it!

annelise said...

One pound less is one pound less! Good for you! It's always so inspiring and motivating to see results.

We've had houseguests for the last nine days (as you've probably read my bitching and moaning on Twitter, sorry 'bout that) but as soon as they leave, I'm buying this Shred DVD. At the moment, my work skirt is just too uncomfortable to wear, not to mention any of my other clothes, so it's definitely time to face some scary Jillian action. You and all the othe Shredders have inspired me!!

this free bird said...

hollar on that pound!! i'm out the door to try and fit into a pair of red j brands. yeah that's not going to happen so look for me at midnight shredding away to level 3 day 1. i wussed out the other day and caved to yet another day of level 2. no shame in my game!!

ps-i ate my weight in that guac! so glad you like it!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the loss! I think that guac might be in my future!

Anonymous said...

Um, I totally love the title of your blog btw. Dang. Everyone has such great blog titles lol!

Oh and that food looked yummy! And congrats on losing that pound!

Samantha said...

Umm I love how you call "comments" "sugar cubes" lol.

Lady, never ever be guilty for eating Guac. That stuff is magical.

Big congrats on your weight loss!

meghan said...

loves it! i lost motivated a couple weeks ago and was sure i had gained. i had lost a pound, and it got me up and going!! keep it up, girl!

lilmissmarch said...

Here's where I found my foreunner. I bought the 405 model. I also found a discount coupon code online when I googled the company's name : )


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