Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's a list.

Well it's that time.  Everyone is making lists/goals for the summer.  Work officially ended yesterday for me, so I'm feeling like I'm ready to make the commitment.  I sort of tried this last summer, dedicating myself to doing a few decorating/DIY projects.  Want to know how many of those projects I completed?  None.  I'm taking a different route this year.

I'm basing my list on my 101 in 1001 list.  My list needs some serious attention. In a sense I've started to feel a little defeated since there are certain items that just can't be accomplished.  In reality, that's no reason to give up!  I like a short list (to ensure, or closer to ensuring, success):

1.  Decorate ONE wall in my house :: Refererence #60 - Purchase a piece of art for our home

I'm thinking Instagram photo wall of some sort.  There's tons of other Instagram decor ideas out there though.  I'm planning to compile mine and D's insta-photos and go from there.  Even if it doesn't end up being insta-inspired, I'll count this as completed if I decorate just one wall.

2.  Volunteer :: Reference #38 - volunteer somewhere.

Since I work with kids on a regular basis, I wanted to take a step back from that.  

I want to do something where I get to be around precious little animals instead!  I've had my eye on volunteering at Safe Haven and just have not taken the plunge.  It's about time I take the focus off me, me, me.

3.  California :: Reference #67 - Visit 3 of the 1000 Places to go Before You Die  


I'm pretty sure our California road trip is going to check off a few of the "places to see" on the list.  We'll be hitting up the Pacific Coast Highway, Monterey Peninsula, Coronado, and wine country which are all included on the list.  

4.  Find a signature summer mixed drink :: Reference #90 - Learn to make a new mixed drink

[Strawberries + white wine]

This Strawberry Reisling Slushie sounds right down my alley, but I'm thinking something involving fruit and tequila!  (And if I get really lazy, I can always count my sangria as my summer drink!)

And that's that my friends!  Four goals (which I guess technically doesn't characterize this as a "bucket list"), two of  which involve no real effort.  I am planning to read, spend lots of time at the beach/pool, and keep working on my fitness!

How are you spending your summer days?


whitney said...

those are totally do-able.

but i think your roadtrip should be to DC...

Oliviaaa said...

you can cross of numero tres soooon!!!

Tina said...

YAY! LOVE summer bucket lists [just did one on my blog lol ] and i love yours - finding a signature summer drink is a MUST! and volunteer is such a great one! :D

Stephanie said...

These are awesome goals and totally doable. Love the road trip!!!

Anna said...

I am loving your summertime list!!

And I am SOOOOO jealous that you are going to California so soon!! Can't wait to see all your pictures! Highway 1 is AWESOME and kinda scary sometimes with all those crazy cliffs... hahaha

Mimi said...

this list is a good one! i hope you get to do all of them. :) i've just been spending the past couple of days blogging and reading my books and magazines. :)

<3, Mimi

Andrea said...

That is a very doable list! Great choices too! Can't wait to see what summer drink you choose. The strawberry Riesling drink looks wonderful!

Katie Price said...

My advice for a signature summer drink (cute idea!) is a blackberry margarita! This can be achieved either with muddled blackberries OR Chambord. Both are delicious. Let me know if you try it!

Laura said...

ooooh good summer bucket list. i'm totally going to have to come up with one.... and may or may not steal your "signature summer drink" one...

Shannon said...

I haven't even gotten around to making a bucket list for the summer I've been so busy. :)

Maybe I'll put that on my "list" of things to do this weekend.


kim @ a positive peace said...

huzzahh! looks like an awesome list! also, im a little bit late on this but YAAAYYYy sooo happy for you for summer to be here! i know you had a rough time with this school year! are you staying at the same school next year or looking for something else?

Leesh said...

#1 and #4 would be on my list too if I created one. Maybe I should so I don't forget what I want to do over the summer.


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