Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More food than beer?

After some drinking and hiking, it was time to make the much anticipated drive down to San Diego!

Before getting to San Diego, we stopped in Encinitas.  Taylor had recommended this little spot.

It was pretty crowded since there were soccer games in play.  The food was pretty delicious and the beer selection was generous!  After leaving Encinitas, we headed straight for our Airbnb loft.

 [View from our apartment]

After a brief moment to get settled (and finding out how lame Ashley and Robin were going to be and not meet up with me for this once and a lifetime opportunity #imnotstillbitter), we decided to head out to Ocean Beach.  

After walking around the beach a bit, we hit up the much recommended South Beach Bar & Grille for their "world's best fish tacos."

I'm pretty sure we got the wahoo and the tuna fish tacos.  They're obviously huge!  We liked the wahoo better than the tuna.  I would love to down one of those right about now...

Then we headed over to Pizza Port.  We were way too full to have any pizza, but it looked delicious.  I enjoyed the beers and the atmosphere.  Pizza Port has a ton of locations for you SoCal readers.  Afterwards, we went home to change and catch our reservations at The Linkery.

 [Absolutely freaking amazing baked goat cheese with roasted garlic]

 [House salad with arugula, goat cheese, baby carrots, & citrus vinaigrette]

 [The nights special :: grilled beer bread, homemade mustard, house cured sauerkraut topped with cheese and bacon, and a link.  I barely ate the link and was obsessed with the sauerkraut...and the bread.]

Normally, I'm not sure we would have chosen somewhere like this.  D knows the owner, and it was nice to give it a try.  It was really good!  That baked goat cheese was amazing!  The meal was great, but we got so stuffed!  Nonetheless, we walked a block over to get some cocktails!

El Take It Easy has an amazing cocktail menu (and honestly their food menu looks banging too!).  It was their anniversary, so each bartender had a special cocktail.  I adored my drink!  If we hadn't had a bottle of wine (and stuffed our bellies full), I would have had a couple more!  It was a wonderful first day in San Diego!


Christine said...

*sigh* I lived in OB for 3 years. I loved SB and one of my friends is a bartender at pizza port!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

oh man that food looks good. I'm glad you were able to wash it all down with a bottle of wine (and a cocktail). I like you. :)

Katie Price said...

mmmm.. San Diego goodness! Can't wait to El Take It Easy there soon :)

Claire Kiefer said...

I love the way y'all travel: with a primary focus on food and drinking. So glad I got to see you on your trip!

Anna said...

Ahh, Pizza Port! We went to the location in San Clemente last Fall when we went to California! It was AWESOME. Their beers were good and the pizza was deliiiiicious!!


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