Thursday, July 26, 2012

The last California post?

I think it is!  I think it is!

This was probably my favorite leg of the trip!  While we gorged ourselves on food and drinks the night before, our next day was much anticipated.  Unfortunately, we got a much later start than we had hoped for...

My friends, that is a flat tire.  After lots of waiting and D talking to a creepy guy, we finally got on the road.  First stop, In-N-Out!

Yeah, I had one.  And a chocolate milkshake.  I'm still not into burgers (you know, the meat kind), but it was all pretty delicious.  D would say it was totally worth it.  He was smitten.  We hit the road yet again to visit yet another brewery.

Since this was the last leg of the trip and we had been constantly binging on food and drink, I wasn't feeling the hottest.  Sadly, I didn't indulge like I would have preferred.  No worries, we stopped for some meds before heading over to Stone Brewery for the ultimate (oh and a tour).  If you are interested in craft beer in the least, you have likely heard what a beautiful place Stone has.

 [The inside dining area]

 [Outside dining area]

 [Part of the gardens outside]

We had reservations for a tour and dinner at the brewery.  There was a wait between the tour and dinner, so we settled on getting a beer and sitting in the gardens.  Honestly, the pictures can not even do this place justice.  Anna's pictures actually capture it way better than I ever could!  It's beautiful!  I won't bore you with pictures of our dinner, but I loved it!  Ceviche, beer cheddar soup, amazing salad with bleu cheese, and a kick-ass brownie sundae...all in prep for meeting up with some of my favorite SoCal bloggers!

[Excuse the poor photo...late night and a little buzzed will do it to you.  And not so strangely, I looked so scary in practically every single picture.]

Olivia (+ B) and Kelsey were so fun to hang out with!  We basically closed down the place, but I didn't want to leave!  These ladies are so awesome!  After meeting them and Claire in SF, I'm definitely a believer in blogger meet-ups!  Even D had fun!  This was seriously the perfect ending to our time in the city of SD.  I absolutely can not wait for Olivia & B to make a east coast trip so I can see them again!

The next day, we drove around SD a bit then headed over the bridge to Coronado.

Since apparently we can not eat a substantial meal outside of a brewery or brew pub, we headed over to Coronado Brewing Company.

I enjoyed the food here more than the beer (but remember, all the alcohol might be starting to get to me at this point).  Coronado was literally the best place to end our California road trip.  After lunch, we checked in at our hotel and headed straight to the beach.  We may have gotten a little sunburnt. We may have fought off tons of gnats.  We I may have not even stepped foot in the ocean.  The views in Coronado are just stunning.  The pictures have me aching to get back.

 [Our hotel was seriously gorgeous]

 [After the beach and dinner, we walked around town.  Ending the evening with gelato and a dirty chai latte was perfection]

Then we had to get up entirely to early when staying in a fancy hotel to drive to LAX to go home.  California was honestly way better than I would have expected.  I'm so glad we decided to do this trip...but now I've got my mind set on an international locale next ;)


Oliviaaa said...

i have been waiting for this post!!! :] come back please!!!

Katie Price said...

I'm so glad that you stopped for an In-N-Out, a true CA experience! For future reference, their grilled cheese is almost as good as their burger :)

Ash said...

HOW FUN! im so pissed at myself for just not calling in sick for life and coming to meet you guys..

and honey, have you never heard of animal style grilled cheese at in n out? BECAUSE IT IS HEAVEN.

applesandglue said...

Looks like a beautiful trip, I'd love to go there someday!

Mimi said...

i am so happy you had an amazing time here in california! :D

p.s. coronado is so beautiful! and so are your photos! :)

<3, Mimi
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Kelsey Cunningham said...

finally this post is up! come back soon, please! or maybe liv and i will have to plan a trip out your way!! xo

Anna said...

Loooooooooooooove!!! Isn't Stone just basically beer paradise!!!? (Thanks for the link, btw!!)

Looks like you had just as much fun as we did there!!


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