Monday, July 2, 2012

My body is thanking me for returning.

My brain on the other hand is still in California!  Of course we had a wonderful two weeks away from home visiting family and then drinking and eating our way through California.  First, I'd like to thank my awesome guest bloggers.  If you happened to miss any of these awesome ladies, check them out!

[Sneak peak!]

I'll be spending probably the rest of the summer breaking down our trip since we hit up so many amazing spots.  I have almost 600 pictures to filter through and edit, so I'll dedicate a couple of posts weekly.  While I'm in NC, I'm going to be quite the busy bee.  I accepted a new job which is eliminating my summer (I'll be starting July 9!), but I think it'll be worth it.  I'm also trying to get back on track with training.

My triathlon training has drastically failed.  I was planning to run this triathlon on August 12, the weekend of my birthday, but just noticed the race was pushed back a weekend.  I'm still going to try, but I am definitely overwhelmed by the amount of juggling sports that goes into tri training.  I miss running.

Crazily I won a free half marathon entry from Vanessa, so I figure it's meant to be for me to do another!  I'm actually really excited to get back into half training again!  While I'm getting back on track with exercise (after a quick trip to Charlottesville, VA today and tomorrow), D and I are considering something time-limited to kick start some better health.

I know Carrie and Whitney have participated in the Whole 30, and I've heard only good things from them.  It's a take on the Paleo diet that so many people have done/are doing.  I'm a bit nervous about Whole 30 due to its heavy focus on meat.  Since I'm a vegetarian, I focus a lot on legumes which are not allowed in this program.  If we decide on this one, I am planning to maybe make some small exceptions using only one or two varieties of beans and using only dried (not canned).

The second option I'm considering (which can essentially be done as part of the Whole 30), is a supplemental smoothie/juice plan.  I don't think it's realistic or smart for me to focus on a complete smoothie/juice diet, but I am interested in replacing 1-2 meals daily with a smoothie.

This book focuses on replacing just one meal per day with a green smoothie or juice.  My problem with a plan such as this is simply...laziness.  I hate getting out a juicer/blender and dealing with the clean-up. My new job allows me more time in the mornings (and hopefully the ability to work out in the am!), so ideally I think I could make something like this work.  

Nonetheless, I want to get rid of the constant bloating I've been feeling since returning from California and kick some healthy lifestyle changes for D and I.  I'm interested in how Whole 30 will make me feel but am nervous it's a "quick fix" method (because, let's be honest, it's doubtful I will ever fully give up cheese).  I do think incorporating more smoothies and juices into my life is a great way to supplement my bean and starch eating vegetarian lifestyle with more fruits and veggies.

Have you tried Whole 30 or Paleo?  

What are your favorite smoothie/juice recipes?  And how do you beat the laziness of cleaning up after?!


whitney said...

soooo i am happy to hear that you might try it. but if you aren't planning on adding meat into your diet then i don't think it is the best option.

but if you are willing to add some then i think you will love it. it really has opened my eyes up to a new world. i am going to do a recap wednesday to talk about it.

good luck!

Christine said...

Glad to hear your trip was wonderful! And congrats on the new job! Will you share more about it soon?

meghan said...

I'm glad you had a great time in California. Sounds like you're making a lot of changes. Congrats! And what is your new job!? That's so thrilling!!

applesandglue said...

Glad you had fun... Interesting choices, will be interested to see what you go with and how it works out for you! Congrats on the new job!

Oliviaaa said...

since i failed at the 30day shred last month... i'm getting back after it this month! starting today... care to join me!?

Claire Kiefer said...

I don't like blender cleanups either, but I do love smoothies so I suffer through it. I've heard everyone and their brother go on about the Paleo diet, but I'm suspicious of any of these fad-of-the-year plans, you know? Makes most sense to me to just eat healthily, with as little processed stuff as possible and as much fruit, veggie, & natural grain as possible. Eliminating wheat entirely just doesn't seem realistic for me (as a vegetarian), and I'm not convinced that it's the end-all-be-all for folks who don't have celiac disease.

That said, I totally understand the need for a cleanse. I could probably benefit from one right about now as well! Just not one that requires me to give up coffee. ;)

Anna said...

Welcome back!! I can't wait to hear alllll about your trip!

And congrats on the new job! What will you be doing!?

Joanna said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to see your posts on your trip. And I can't wait to hear about this new job.

My favorite smoothie is probably the basic green monster. I like that I'm getting my greens and it always makes me feel better after a weekend of bad eating.

Jo said...

A new job? Wow. Let us know how it goes.
As for smoothies, I hate clean-up, too. It sucks. But my favorite green combo goes like this: A big handful of frozen peach slices, a banana, a mass of fresh spinach, a drizzle of honey, a few ice cubes and some soy milk. Yummmm. It's so good that even the hubs will drink it.

Kristin Miller said...

Congrats on the job! Green smoothies are my FAVORITE!!! Meg from Compilation tape shared a fab piece of advice: Post workout, use protein. As a meal replacement, use an egg based powder. Words of wisdom K, words of wisdom! Good luck and welcome back!

Punky J said...

Eeee I am so thrilled to hear about your whole trip and all the awesome spots you hit along the way.... bummed I missed ya, but there will be opportunities in the future, I'm sure :) Also... congrats on the new job! What is it!


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