Friday, September 21, 2012

Food & Beer Friday :: A beer from the "gang."

I've had this little pretty sitting in my fridge for a bit.  Unfortunately, D was not in town to share it with me.

While I know of Ommegang Brewery, I'm not too familiar with their beers.  I honestly picked this up based on the name "harvest ale."

Ommegang has dubbed the Scythe & Sickle a harvest ale as it's their attempt to honor the harvest season.  It's brewed with all things harvested: barley, oats, wheat, and rye.  According to Ommegang,
"Farming is about precision, time, and care.  At Ommegang we place the same emphasis a farmer has for his crops into the creation of our beers.  Scythe & Sickle is a testament to the craft and care of farming, from which our farmstead-brewed beers benefit greatly."
This is one of Ommegang's limited edition beers.

Let's talk about color and taste.  The beer is amber in color, and had a very heavy head.  I assume the head indicates the high carbonation I tasted.  The smell reminded me a lot of last week's farmhouse ale.  The only way I can describe the flavor was "bready."  I imagine this is fitting considering it is brewed with so many grains.

There's not too much hops going on here. In my opinion, it's a good balance of hops and malt.  I wasn't over the moon for this beer.  While it was by no means bad, it didn't sell me on the special factor.


I'm still interested in starting this as a link-up.  You could link beer or food posts from any day of the week.  Should I move forward with a link-up?


Patty said...

Love Ommegang!! I've never tried their harvest, but their Abbey Ale and their Chocolate Stout are their classics! I used to get them in college because they're brewed near there and I thought they were 'economical' because you could be buzzed and done off of one :)

meghan said...

This made me want a good beer so badly! I'm afraid to drink anything too heavy with the long run in the morning. But just looking at these pictures makes me want one so much. Ha. Worst comment ever. Sorry. :)

Anonymous said...

Do you think iris safe to ship beer? Lets do a swap!! ;)


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