Friday, September 14, 2012

Food & Beer Friday :: Don't worry, it wasn't brewed in a barn.

I've got a little bit of a thing for farmhouse ales, so when I spotted this at Tasty Beverage, I had to pick it up!

I've mentioned farmhouse ales before, and there is something that draws me to them.  Great Divide's Colette did not disappoint!

Great Divide characterizes Colette as their "homage to saisons that Belgian farm workers have enjoyed for centuries."  I believe it's pretty characteristic of saisons and farmhouse to be on the dry side.  This beer is the same.  It definitely has a dry finish with some tart flavors going on there.  Don't get me wrong; it's not sour!  There's some fruitiness to the beer too, but don't think lambic-style fruity.  I would compare it to a less-sweet champagne.

I mean that foamy head and golden color!  Gorgeous.  At 7%, you don't want to go too crazy on a six pack, but it'll lend a nice buzz after a long day of work!  It's easy to drink which makes it a perfect warm weather beer.  As for food, try your basic sandwich!  The flavors are complex enough to supplement even the most simple food!



K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

Never had a farmhouse ale before, but it sounds like this one could be worth a try.

Meghan said...

That does look pretty spectacular!

Jo said...

I spotted some of those Sweet Josie brews at the local Wal-Mart today! I may have to pick up a few and give them a go.

Anonymous said...

Saisons. Dude. Love them. 4 yeast strains? That shiz be crazy. Great Divide Brewing? Stellar.


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