Friday, January 18, 2013

Food & Beer Friday :: Winter themed.

I took quite the break from Food & Beer Friday but that doesn't mean I haven't been drinking!  Since winter is seemingly just getting in full swing this week (um, they're predicting some snow here tonight), it's only fitting that I mention a winter lager.

Uinta Yard Sale is a pretty popular beer during this time of year.  It was sold out at Tasty Beverage when I checked just last week (lucky for me I "know people.") It's only distributed December through March.  Maybe people are tired of all the heavy beers that come with the winter season.  Maybe this is just one of those "fad" beers.  Maybe people were just drinking a lot in the month of December.  Whatever the case, I was happy to be able to snag a bottle of this to try.

Overall, there is nothing too special about the Yard Sale.  In my opinion, it was a pretty run of the mill lager.  The amber color gives it a little something extra than a warmer season lager.  The beer is by no means bad, and I would have no problem drinking plenty of it.  There was just nothing that made it jump out to me.  If your palate is very advanced, you may get some caramel and vanilla notes.  There's no chance I loved this as much as my favorite winter beer so far this season, but it was certainly easy to drink!  One thing I do love about this beer: the name.  Yard Sale is apparently the term used when a skiier falls down a slope and loses his/her gear (which in turn the gear is strewn across the mountain).

Have you found a favorite winter beer?



Patty said...

I usually pick beer by their name and alcohol content, so this one probably would have already had me sold, but i will try it with this review :) I'd like to think of my palate as advanced, but I think i'd be lying to myself ;)

Unknown said...

well the label is super cute if that counts! :) loooove me some yard sales, and can't wait till it's warm enough again for them!

Christine said...

I really like Goose Island Mild Winter. I think it's originally from Chicago but i think also now being brewed in NY.

Alex Byer said...

I love the packaging on it, so maybe I'll give it a shot if I spot it sometime :)

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

I've never heard of this one! I think this could be worth a try for me, although if you don't think it's anything great I'm afraid to buy a 6-pack!

Unknown said...

I love the label. Sounds really god too. I'll have to pick some up soon! (BTW that beer expires on my birthday hehe)

Unknown said...

My Fave is the Harpoon Winter!!! Ahhhhh....I don't think it's in the my grocery good!


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