Thursday, February 7, 2013

12 Months of Giving :: the bloody truth about donating.

Donating blood that is.  In case you missed it, February's challenge is

This has been on my 101 in 1001 list for quite a while.  It has always been something I wanted to do, but have never quite mustered up the courage to do it.  2013 is the year this is going to happen!

Why donate blood?  People donate blood for various reasons.  Giving blood can:

  • Make you feel good about yourself
  • Support your local community and hospital by enlarging the blood supply utilized for a variety of needs and emergencies
  • Help you "pay it forward" if you or someone you know has ever needed blood transfusions in the past
These are just a few reasons why giving blood is helpful.  Rare blood types are even more in need! 

Source: via Kiki on Pinterest

What happens when you give blood?  According to AABB, in one hour you give one unit of blood.  From this unit:
  • You could save multiple lives
  • Red blood cells can be extracted to use in trauma or surgical patients
  • The liquid part of your blood, plasma, can be used with patients who have clotting difficulties
  • The platelets from your blood are often used in cancer and transplant patients because they assist in clotting the blood

As a first time donor, I am not quite sure what to expect.  The American Red Cross has an abundance of information!  This information for first time donors is going to be a frequent reference.  As a vegetarian, I hope that my iron levels won't hold me back.

Go the the ARC website to find a blood drive or donation center near you!

And as a reminder, the February recap will go live on March 4!  Go forward and save a life!


meghan said...

This makes me nervous. I've done it before, but it's been a while. I've given platelettes too and actually like that better, though it's a more freaky thing to do. Something about giving away blood makes me so nervous!

Ash said...


i canNOT donate blood. i don't bleed! i donated once in college, and it took 45 minutes on the one arm before she decided to try and stick the other.. which took another 30 minutes.

then i showed up to class all bruised and shit.

oh yes, and they barely got enough blood to even use.. so yeah, i can't donate blood. i don't bleed blood. i bleed burgundy and gold for my redskins...


Jo said...

I gave a very quick pint when I donated. I can hardly do it anymore because of my tattoo habit.
Remember to calm your breathing so as to not get too nervous. And while giving, don't cross your legs. Trust me. Not even your ankles.
You'll be fine. Plus, you get to eat cookies afterwards! Yay!

Alex Byer said...

Ugh so the last time I donated blood (in high school), I ended up passing out and had to be sent home early. Sooo yeah. There's that. Like I'm glad I did it because it's for such a good cause. But. Like. I don't think I want to do that again lol.

Amanda @ this IS my real hair said...

I have donated blood 9 times and pass out multiple times (like up to 10) every single time. Passing out doesn't hurt you and it really doesn't have any negative effect on you at all.

If passing out is the only bad part of your experience then the positives far outweigh the negatives and you should do it every time you are eligible!

Our country is always short on blood and there are so many people every day that need it, you never know when its might be you or a family member that needs it. So go! It's easy, you get to lay down, and you get awesome snacks afterwards :)

Megan said...

I donated blood 3 times last year. Enough to win a lame ass looking Blood Center polo that makes me look like one of their employees. However, I did get a free movie from AMC one time. It's hit or miss with me. My iron levels are often too low. I think it's all the coffee I drink.

Christine said...

I was a first time donor this year and ended up having a really pleasant experience. I felt a bit exhausted later in the evening but otherwise okay.

Fun things I learned from donating blood. 1. I have excellent iron levels for anyone and amazing iron levels for being a vegetarian.
2. I've thought I had a different blood type for my whole life. I was a bit bummed when I learned I was O+ instead of O-.

Erin said...

Good luck with donating! I have done it multiple times, and it was never a big deal for me. The last few years, though, I've been turned down every time I have tried-- one time my blood pressure was too low, another time I'd recently visited a part of Mexico on the do not donate list, and another time I'd gotten a tattoo too recently. I need to try again soon... maybe even this month!


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