Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I wanted to introduce you to my family.  Please note, these are not the best pictures.  I have to work with what I have on my iphone.  It's a process since I can't use my personal laptop to blog (the whole google issue).  Here's my happy family:

D & I; this picture was taken at the top of Harder Kulm in Interlaken, Switzerland when we were in Europe this summer.  Post-engagement also :)  We got engaged in Cinque Terre, Italy (the best place on Earth).  I'll post some of my fav pictures of that at another time.

This is Bailey.  He is my baby.  D got me Bailey as a gift after I realized the hard way that I was not responsible enough to raise a puppy (especially on the third floor of an apartment complex).  I raised him by myself so I have a special attachment with him.  He's the best cat ever.  He's needy and thrives on attention.  He's from the shelter (like all of our pets), but I think he's a Maine Coon cat.  I love him and am really scared of what I will do when he dies.

Stella; she was the puppy D and I picked out together after we moved in with each other.  We went for a kitten friend for Bailey and ended up with a puppy :)  She is the sweetest, most gentle dog.  She's our baby.  This picture really doesn't do her justice. 

Marlee; oh he is special.  D and I went to the shelter because I had found a dog, older and already trained, that I wanted to look at.  We ended up with a puppy.  Marlee is a special needs dog.  Even as a puppy, he ate his poop.  He's gotten better though.  He's not as hyper.  He's actually laying on the floor beside me being really sweet right now.  It's nice that Stella has a friend.

And finally, Harper.  We call her "little girl" because, compared to Bailey, she is tiny.  We got her when we went to the pet store on a Saturday (the WORST day to go) to buy pet food.  We ended up with a fourth pet.  On Saturdays, it's adoption day.  D fell in love with little girl.  And who am I to deny him an adorable kitten ;)  She's the polar opposite of Bailey...hates to be held and won't sleep in the bed with us.  But when she wants to be loved, she has to have it.  She'll smother you until you love her.

And there you have it.  Our very large family.  D and I agree, four pets is too many.  It's hard to travel and figure out what to do with the dogs.  We love them though.  Speaking of traveling, D and I are going to North Carolina this weekend for a beer something or other.  I'm taking Thursday and Friday off work, and I couldn't be more thrilled!  Also in good news, D is supposed to be finding out something about his new territory within a couple of weeks!  Yay!  In bad news, I've done terrible with working out/eating healthy this week.  Luckily, I have a running partner starting next week!  Yay for motivation!


Sesh said...

ok. where the EFF have I been,


Of course I'll have to get the details later... I'm heading straight to your facebook page now!

Kristin W said...

I'll try and do a post this weekend with the engagement story and pics :) I didn't get to give a full descrip on fb since we were in Europe :)

Kristin W said...

And thanks for the congrats :D


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