Friday, October 2, 2009

October Weekend.

I just had to put up a picture that made me smile; I needed a pick me up after some frustrating news.  This picture just makes me want another kitten ;)  But based on my current family size, there is NO CHANCE of another addition.  How can that picture not make you crack a smile though!

So D and I ventured to Chapel Hill-Carrboro, NC as of yesterday.  I decided to come with to help D out at the World Beer Festival in Durham on Saturday.  Thursday started off as a pre- pre-party at Milltown in Carrboro.  Milltown is a cool place to eat and drink.  They have lots of craft beer variety and pretty tasty food.  I'd recommend it if you're ever in the area.  It was my first time venturing to the area.  It definitely reminds me a lot of Athens.  D is in love with the area as a prospect if we end up moving to the NC.  I do really love the area.  My only quam is that I am ready to get out of the college town scenes.  One thing I am just over in Athens is the student population.  They take over.  I'm much more fond of Athens when students are away in the summer.  D has a different perspective on things since he works in the service industry.  I get that.  I'm just particularly tired of the cloned girls that roam around campus.  I'm ready for a bigger step, a bigger city.  But we'll see.

Unfortunately, I've been sick before making our trip.  Of course, the times I wished I could be sick so I wouldn't have to go into work (guilty), karma is biting me in the ass.  I'm sick on my leave time from work.  Yesterday I was feeling better compared to Wednesday when I ended up having to work ALL DAY (well until 6:30, which is a big deal for me).  My cough would make my headache pound double time on Wed.  Thursday just consisted of a lot of sneezing and kleneexes.  Now I have a raw nose.  I'm feeling better but decided to dip out on the pre-party tonight at Tyler's in order to fully rest up so I can help D serve the two shifts at the festival tomorrow.  When I'm at the top of my game, I can play my skills and sell the heck out of some merchandise!  Last time we made a shit load of money on merch.  I think it helps to have a girl manning the booth as well ;)  I like talking to people about the beers.  D has to try and stay neutral, but I love to tell people what my favorite beer is and why.

I probably haven't mentioned before, but D works for an up-and-coming craft brewery in Athens, GA.  He's pretty much doing his dream job.  I can't complain...I know how important it is to be in a job you love...regardless of how much you get paid.  Plus we get loads of free beer ;)  Although, it has been quite the frustrating experience for me and the company.  We've been waiting on the decision as to where D is going to be moved to take over a new territory.  In my clouded mind, I feel like we've been waiting on the decision for about a year.  This is probably exaggerated and inaccurate.  What I know for sure was that we were supposed to have an answer in September (didn't get it) and by the end of this week (not going to get it).  I know D gets frustrated with me.  I got a little emotional when he told me we wouldn't know this week.  It's not his fault, it's the company's fault.  My frustrations and emotions stemmed from 1) feeling as though we keep getting strung along and 2) I have another big decision I am waiting to hear back from next week...I felt like at least if that fell through I would know where we are moving.  I wanted a light at the end of my tunnel regardless of that other decision.  I keep maintaining that things will work out one way or the other.  D says that if we can wait then we have a better chance of getting to move more north (which I am pushing for).  I have my doubts (especially after some chilly weather in NC last night) how well equipt I am to really deal with a northern winter...but I am ready for the challenge ;)  No getting my hopes up though.  Everything will work out in time.  Hopefully I can post some pictures of the beer fest tomorrow...but I'm the worst with actually remembering to take pictures.


Previews:  Next weekend is the infamous wedding of D's co-worker and soon to be wife.  Apparently it is going to be a major throwdown.  I expect to be getting quite intoxicated...the real reasons why only my friend K will know.  Maybe I can snag some ideas from their reception (which is taking place at what will most likely be the same locale that my party will be in approximately a year)?

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Sesh said...

OMG I could cry. Beer fest is my favorite thing on earth. The picture in the flyer this year was of me and 3 of my friends!


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